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Sudan says latest Nile dam talks failed

05 November, 2020

The latest round of Nile dam talks between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia have failed, Khartoum said.

Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia restart Nile mega-dam talks

01 November, 2020

Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia kicked off Sunday the latest round of talks over Addis Ababa's controversial dam on the Blue Nile, waters critical to the two downstream nations.

Trump suggests Egypt may 'blow up' Ethiopia dam

24 October, 2020

Donald Trump risked a diplomatic crisis after he told reporters at the White House that Sudan must resolve the issue or risk Egypt blowing up the dam.

Ethiopia says will not 'cave in' after Trump remarks

24 October, 2020

US President Donald Trump voiced anger at Ethiopia over its construction of a huge dam on the Nile River and appeared to suggest that Egypt may destroy it.

Ethiopia PM says 'no harm' intended toward Egypt, Sudan

26 September, 2020

Ethiopia's prime minister has defended his country's controversial Grand Renaissance Dam project, days after Egyptian criticism at the UN.

Sisi bulldozes homes with renewed disdain for Egypt's poor

18 September, 2020

Comment: A year after the 'Palacegate' protests that saw so many incarcerated, Egypt's streets are a grim mix of apathy, fear and resentment towards the regime, writes Sam Hamad.

How to share a river

16 September, 2020

Comment: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia should look to Latin America which has set a powerful global precedent on how to share transboundary resources, write Biniam Bedasso and Maria A. Gwynn.

US partially suspends aid to Ethiopia over Nile dam

03 September, 2020

In response to Ethiopia’s decision to fill the reservoir of its Renaissance Dam on the Nile unilaterally, the US announced that it will partly suspend aid to the African nation

Ethiopia seeks US clarification on aid cut over dam

01 September, 2020

Ethiopia's US Ambassador Fitsum Arega tweeted saying he has heard the aid cut is related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and that the clarification is expected from the US.

Between the lines: Egypt's censorship crackdown targets book translations

26 August, 2020

Egypt's top translation institution has barred foreign books that criticise religion or violate social values, with fears it could extend to political literature.

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