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Iraq's PM promises early parliamentary polls for June 2021

01 August, 2020

Fulfilling a key demand of the months-long protest movement, Prime Minister Kadhimi announced Iraq's parliamentary elections would be held in June 2021, a year earlier than planned

Iraq forces free German woman kidnapped in Baghdad

24 July, 2020

German activist Hella Mewis was freed by Iraqi security forces after being kidnapped earlier this week.

Iraq hospitals 'breeding' coronavirus amid growing health worker infections

20 June, 2020

Doctors in Iraq are contracting Covid-19 in the hundreds, reports suggest, as the country battles the infection.

The Iraq Report: Iran's economic woes frustrate Shia militias

12 June, 2020

Iraqi Shia militias are beginning to show signs of discontent as Iran's economy is ravaged by US sanctions and Covid-19.

Judge raises 'serious concerns' over handling of Iran sanctions

12 June, 2020

A US judge has accused prosecutors of mishandling the case of Iranian banker Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad in an ongoing sanctions trial.

Iraq, US launch strategic online talks to temper tensions

11 June, 2020

The US and Iraq will launch strategic talks on Thursday to address the fate of the US-led military coalition.

US general sees Baghdad keeping American troops in country

10 June, 2020

Commander of US forces Kenneth McKenzie says the Iraqi government will want to keep a US military presence on its territory to fight the Islamic State group.

Iraq's Sadr urges US withdraws 'occupying' forces

09 June, 2020

Just hours after four American soldiers were wounded in an attack on a military base in Baghdad, Iraq's popular Shia cleric urged the withdrawal of 'occupying' forces.

The Iraq Report: Pro-Iran MPs demand Saudi 'reparations'

29 May, 2020

Lawmakers close to Iran are trying to pass legislation that would force Riyadh to pay reparations to Iraqi victims of terrorism perpetrated by Saudi nationals.

The Iraq Report: Raising of LGBT flag sparks outcry

22 May, 2020

The colourful LGBT flag was raised in Baghdad to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, prompting praise but mostly backlash online and in the halls of Iraqi power.

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