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One killed in market explosion in Iraq's capital

15 April, 2021

The cause of the Sadr City blast was not immediately known.

Former Iraqi PM faces French lawsuit over protester killings

09 April, 2021

Five Iraqi families have brought a lawsuit in France against Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, alleging that he was responsible for the killing and injury of protesters in 2019.

Polisario says police chief killed in Western Sahara

07 April, 2021

The Polisario Front said its police chief was killed in the disputed Western Sahara region.

Iraq's Jewish community dwindles to fewer than five

28 March, 2021

Despite Jews having lived in Iraq for around 2,600 years, only four remain in the country after the passing of Dhafer Eliyahu.

The Iraq Report: Killings, abductions rise after Pope's visit

17 March, 2021

In the days following Pope Francis' visit, two high profile abductions and killings of activists and dissidents' family members brought Iraq's perennial problems with militia violence roaring back into focus.

Polisario blames UN for 'political deadlock' over Western Sahara

28 February, 2021

Pro-independence rebels fighting Morocco for Western Sahara said the United Nations was responsible for "political deadlock" over the disputed territory, on the 45th anniversary of their unilateral declaration of independence.

Three southern Iraqi protesters dead amid after deadly crackdown

25 February, 2021

Three protesters are said to have been killed and 73 injured in heavy clashes with security forces in Iraq's southern city of Nasiriyah.

Why activists are still sceptical of Iraq's political elites

18 February, 2021

In-depth: With elections on the horizon, activists and mainstream parties have been discussing possible alliances. But many in Iraq's protest movement fear they will be silenced.

Secret deal halts attacks on US's Baghdad embassy: reports

12 February, 2021

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi negotiated an agreement with Iran to stop missile attacks targeting the US embassy in Baghdad, intelligence sources say.

Iraq's Sadr backs early elections in rare appearance

10 February, 2021

Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr has backed a call for early elections as his movement aims to take the post of prime minister

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