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Israel court allows Arab MP to run in election

10 February, 2020

Israel's supreme court on Sunday overturned a decision by the country's elections body to disqualify an Arab lawmaker from running in March elections after accusations she supported "terrorists".

Hamas announces 'new page of cooperation' with Iran

19 February, 2016

Following contradictory reports of Iran's negligible support to Hamas, the movement said a recent visit to Iran would "usher in a new page of cooperation".

Russian envoy's 'secret visit' to Israel after Kuntar killing

27 December, 2015

Putin's personal envoy on Syria has made a secret visit to Israel to discuss diplomatic efforts to end the war, on the back of tight Russian-Israeli cooperation in the region.

Samir Kuntar: Defending the resistance, apologising for the regime

23 December, 2015

The assassination of leading Hizballah figure Samir Kuntar has re-triggered debate on the Syrian regime and its declared support of Palestine.

Hizballah chief says group will strike back at Israel

21 December, 2015

Lebanon's Hizbollah group on Monday said it would retaliate for the killing of Samir Kuntar by Israel after giving him a funeral in Beirut reserved for top commanders.

Unanswered questions over the assassination of Samir Kantar

21 December, 2015

Israel almost certainly did kill former Lebanese prisoner Samir Kantar despite Tel Aviv predictable reticence, and now the region waits to see Hizballah's response, amid reports of a Russian role.

Israeli airstrike on Damascus kills longest-serving Arab prisoner

20 December, 2015

'The dean of Lebanese prisoners' Samir Kuntar, who was released in a prisoner swap in 2008, was killed in an Israeli airstrike on a building in the Syrian capital Damascus.

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