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Saudi crown prince served with lawsuit over Khashoggi killing

20 March, 2021

A lawsuit filed by Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée and a US-based NGO has been served to Saudi strongman Mohammed bin Salman, paving the way for it to be heard in court.

Socotra port chief sacked for exposing 'unlawful' UAE shipment

06 March, 2021

Riyad Suleiman was sacked after he criticised the UAE for sending weapons to the southern separatist group on Yemen's Socotra island.

UK imams mobilise to counter Coronavirus vaccine disinformation

22 January, 2021

Islamic religious leaders in the UK are coming together to tackle false information about the coronavirus vaccine.

Egypt's Sisi to attend GCC summit in Riyadh: reports

29 December, 2020

Saudi King Salman invited Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to a much-anticipated GCC summit in Riyadh, according to reports.

Pakistan says will not recognise Israel amid rumoured pressure

30 November, 2020

Official statement by Islamabad appear to be in response to rumors of diplomatic pressure by the US and Saudi Arabia to recognise Israel.

Saudi king 'advised to mend relations with Turkey': report

29 November, 2020

A senior advisor to King Salman reportedly suggested the kingdom warm up to Turkey as US President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office.

South African stranded in Jerusalem after year of walking

27 November, 2020

Shahid bin Yusuf Takala says his prolonged stay at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque has been a 'great blessing'.

Muhammed Al-Durrah's father breaks silence on normalisation

30 September, 2020

Muhammad Al-Durrah's father spoke out against the UAE normalisation deal, 20 years after his son was shot dead by Israeli forces.

Hamas chief heads to Beirut for Palestinian factions meeting

01 September, 2020

Ismail Haniyeh's return to Beirut comes after 27 years.

Mounting discontent among leading Saudi royals over MbS' rule

26 August, 2020

Mohamed bin Salman's cousins are said to regret the crown prince's rise to power.

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