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As US vote looms, Gulf powers count Trump blessings

20 October, 2020

Donald Trump's Middle Eastern policy has emboldened many Gulf Arab monarchies.

Arab regimes are falsifying Palestinian history to enable normalisation

20 October, 2020

Comment: A Saudi-Emirati effort is underway to discredit Palestinian narratives of the conflict in favour of Israeli ones in order to pave the way for normalisation, writes Ali Adam.

Lawyers hired to represent MbS in Al-Jabri lawsuit: report

19 October, 2020

MbS and his aides have been assigned US lawyers in a lawsuit accusing the crown prince of sending a hit squad to Canada to allegedly assassinate ex-Saudi official Saad al-Jabri.

Iran to focus on selling weapons after embargo lifted

19 October, 2020

Iran has announced that it is more likely to sell weapons to other countries, rather than buy them, after the end of a longstanding UN arms embargo.

IS calls for striking of 'Saudi economic interests'

19 October, 2020

The Islamic State group called on its militants to strike the economic interests of Saudi Arabia, which it described as an agent of Israel.

Israel and Bahrain formalise diplomatic relations after normalisation deal

19 October, 2020

Israel and Bahrain have officially signed a deal establishing diplomatic relations, as well as seven memorandums of understanding in fields ranging from civil aviation to agriculture.

Prayers resume at Mecca Grand Mosque after 7-month pause

18 October, 2020

The second phase of lifting of restrictions started at the Grand Mosque in Mecca on Sunday, with prayers resuming for locals.

Reformist Saudi cleric Salman al-Awdah's trial 'to resume Sunday'

17 October, 2020

The trial of the popular Saudi cleric has been postponed on at least eight occasions since his detention in 2017.

Saudi Arabia arrests 45 in fresh 'anti-corruption' campaign

16 October, 2020

Dozens of people, including public servants, are the latest to be arrested as part of Saudi Arabia's wide-reaching anti-corruption drive.

Majority of Arabs reject normalisation with Israel: Poll

16 October, 2020

According to a poll that ran between last November and July, an average of 88 percent of Arab citizens reject normalising with Israel.

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