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India rejects 'undiplomatic' Saudi advice on oil reserves

29 March, 2021

India has reiterated that it could seek alternative energy sources amid high crude prices.

Yemen's Houthi rebels renew Marib campaign amid diplomatic push

28 March, 2021

Saudi-led coalition jets bombed the Houthi rebels as they continued the offensive to claim Marib, while UN and US diplomats traveled to Riyadh to discuss a ceasefire.

Saudi Arabia unveils campaign to tackle climate change

27 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia has revealed plans to plant billions of trees as part of a campaign to tackle climate change.

Saudi Arabia rescues dozens of beached dolphins

26 March, 2021

Over 40 dolphins have been rescued in northwest Saudi Arabia.

Famine, secession and bloodshed: Six years of Yemen war

26 March, 2021

Six years after Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen against the Houthis, the conflict is as brutal as ever and has become the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

Houthi attack sparks fire at Saudi oil terminal

26 March, 2021

The latest in an upsurge of cross-border attacks has sparked a fire at a Saudi oil facility on Friday, authorities said.

Biden suggests Afghan withdrawal deadline to be pushed

25 March, 2021

It is going to be hard to meet the May 1 deadline, Biden said.

Saudi official denies death threat made to UN investigator

25 March, 2021

At a meeting with UN officials in Geneva, a senior Saudi official allegedly threatened twice to have Callamard "taken care of" if she was not restrained by the United Nations.

Coronavirus vaccine does not break fast: Kuwaiti fatwa

24 March, 2021

Taking the coronavirus vaccine does not break the fast, Kuwait's Dar Al Iftaa announced.

Saudi Arabia ‘attempting to mediate’ dispute between Nile countries

24 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia has reportedly made low key contacts with Egypt and Sudan in an effort to mediate the two countries’ simmering dispute with Ethiopia over a controversial Nile dam

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