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Last stand in Yemen over oil-rich province

25 September, 2020

Iran-backed fighters have long held the capital Sanaa.

Libya PM voices alarm at militias amid ceasefire

24 September, 2020

Fayez al-Sarraj welcomed commitments by political leaders in eastern Libya to stop violence and resume oil production.

Saudi warns of 'oil spot' near decaying Yemen tanker

24 September, 2020

The UN has previously warned that a rupture or explosion would have catastrophic environmental and humanitarian consequences.

Israel's Netanyahu to meet Sudan general in Uganda: report

24 September, 2020

The Israeli premier will meet with Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the leader of Sudan's transitional sovereign council, in Uganda for a second time, Israeli media report.

Iran accuses Saudis of shifting blame for 'crimes'

24 September, 2020

Iran's foreign ministry hit back at Saudi Arabia's remarks to the United Nations.

Arab leaders voice alarm at UN over Iran tensions

24 September, 2020

Arab leaders expressed their concerns in the virtual affair sessions of the General Assembly.

Next normalisation deal 'coming in next day or two'

24 September, 2020

A third normalisation deal between Israel and a yet unnamed Arab state could be made public in the coming days, Ambassador Kelly Craft has said

France urges international pressure on Lebanon to form government

24 September, 2020

France has urged the international community to put pressure on Lebanese politicians to break a political deadlock and form a new government.

Saudi dissidents launch new opposition party amid repression

24 September, 2020

A group of Saudi dissidents exiled abroad have announced the launch of a new opposition party amid a continued crackdown on freedom of expression in the kingdom.

Biden and global Islamophobia

23 September, 2020

Comment: Biden must prove his credentials counteracting Islamophobia within his own party, but also as a president who can confront a global phenomenon, writes Laila Ujayli.

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