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Iraq PM soothes security concern on Saudi visit

01 April, 2021

In a long-awaited meeting, the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince hosted the Iraqi PM in talks surrounding the kingdom's security, as well as tightening relations between the two countries.

US sees common interest with China on Iran

31 March, 2021

The US expressed a shared interest with China in curbing Iran's nuclear program.

Iraq PM seeks closer trade ties on Saudi visit

31 March, 2021

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi has met with Mohammed bin Salman to discuss closer ties and cooperation.

Saudis can now get insurance cover for 'runaway maids'

31 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia will announce an insurance scheme to compensate people if their domestic workers decide to leave their employers.

Shootout at Indonesia's national police headquarters: media

31 March, 2021

Police in Jakarta have shot dead a person who entered the police station, in what was described as a terror attack.

Saudi plans $3.2 trillion investments to boost private sector

31 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia announced plans for $3.2 trillion in investments by 2030 to boost the private sector and diversify its oil-reliant economy.

Disagreements in Saudi Arabia over OPEC+ oil cuts strategy

30 March, 2021

Despite early reports that Saudi Arabia wishes to maintain the OPEC+ oil production cuts, conflicting accounts have since emerged.

Ramadan: Mecca mosque to be sanitised 10 times daily

29 March, 2021

The new measures were announced as Muslims prepare to begin the fasting month in mid-April.

Yemen pilgrimage draws crowds despite war, coronavirus

29 March, 2021

A large number of worshippers are doing the pilgrimage to the tomb of Prophet Hud in Yemen despite the war and the pandemic.

Oman and China sign visa waiver agreement

29 March, 2021

Oman and China signed a waiver visa agreement on Monday, as the two countries held talks on strengthening ties.

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