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China's changing oil strategy in the Middle East

20 August, 2020

Chinese oil purchases offered Beijing a sphere of influence in the Middle East, but Covid-19 has upended this once-promising strategy.

Teenage Sudanese boy found on French shore after drowning

19 August, 2020

A 16-year-old Sudanese teenager who apparently was trying to reach Britain by sea was found washed up on a French beach.

How the Israel-UAE alliance formalises new fault lines

19 August, 2020

Analysis: Political fault lines in the region have shifted and a dramatic adjustment is required to save the Palestinian national movement.

Sudan fires ministry spokesman after Israel normalisation comments

19 August, 2020

A series of pro-normalisation comments from a since-fired Sudanese foreign ministry spokesperson have been denied by officials, who insist no talks with Israel are underway.

Mossad chief to head to Bahrain after UAE visit

19 August, 2020

The Israeli spymaster will meet with officials in Bahrain, which is thought to be considering normalising ties with Israel.

Sudan says 'looking forward' to normalising ties with Israel

18 August, 2020

Speculation is rife that Sudan could be the next state in the region to declare normalised relations with Israel after the UAE.

Dozens arrested in Sudan protests marking power-sharing anniversary

18 August, 2020

Protesters were met with tear gas and rubber bullets as they marched to address their demands to the prime minister.

Israel, Sudan to normalise ties 'before end of year'

17 August, 2020

Israel's intelligence minister Eli Cohen was quoted by Israeli media claiming Sudan would follow in the footsteps of the UAE in normalising ties.

Talks resume on Ethiopia's Nile mega-dam

16 August, 2020

Talks have resumed over the mega-dam that has caused tensions between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Bahrain, Oman discussing normalisation deals with Israel, US: reports

16 August, 2020

Israel and the US are in talks with Bahrain and Oman to persuade the two Gulf countries to sign normalisation deals similar to one reached between Israel and the UAE.

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