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Egypt leverages 'soft power' through medical aid in pandemic

14 May, 2020

Egypt is using medical aid as a form of soft power during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sudan clashes kill 26, including paramilitary forces

14 May, 2020

The fighting poses a significant challenge to efforts by the transitional government to end decades-long rebellions in some areas.

Sudan's fight against FGM has only just begun

13 May, 2020

Sudan's decision to outlaw female genital mutilation is a small step on the long road to achieving gender equality.

Sudan rejects Ethiopia's proposal to fill mega-dam

12 May, 2020

Both Khartoum and Cairo fear the dam will trap their essential water supplies once the giant reservoir starts being filled in July as planned by Addis Ababa.

Sudan official: 3 killed, dozens wounded in tribal clashes

11 May, 2020

The fighting erupted between the Bani Amer tribe and the Nuba tribe in the city of Kassalla.

Sudan extends Khartoum curfew to slow Covid-19

09 May, 2020

Sudan has extended its curfew in Khartoum to slow down the spread of coronavirus

The Middle East at war with coronavirus

09 May, 2020

In today's roundup: Iran warns of rising coronavirus infections in the southwest, Kuwait imposes 20-day 'total curfew' and Sudan extends a curfew in and around Khartoum for 10 days.

Tribal clashes in Darfur 'leave 30 dead'

07 May, 2020

The violence erupted when a group from the Falata tribe robbed sheepherders from the Arab Rizeigat tribe in the town of Rumali, leading to fierce clashes.

France, Tunisia urge UN to adopt global ceasefire resolution

06 May, 2020

France and Tunisia have joined forces to call on the UN Security Council to approve a resolution demanding a ceasefire in conflicts around the world as the coronavirus pandemic continues

Sudan must do more than ban FGM: rights group

05 May, 2020

Sudan must dismantle 'deeply misogynistic' laws to address discrimination against women, regional rights group SIHA has said.

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