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White House staffer tests Covid-19 positive after UAE-Israel signing

17 September, 2020

US President Donald Trump revealed that a White House worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Five Arab League countries in talks with Israel revealed

17 September, 2020

US President Donald Trump has said US-brokered normalisation deals are close between Israel and 'five or six' other Arab countries.

Ireland's growing influence in the Middle East

16 September, 2020

Unburdened by the colonial legacies dogging other countries in Western Europe, Ireland has received a warm reception in the Arab world.

Sudan's democratic transition still at risk of counter-revolutionary meddling

16 September, 2020

Comment: The reforms enacted in Sudan do not represent the immediate demands of protesters, and instead signal interference of UAE as a counter-revolutionary force, writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Sudan says arrests 41 for possessing explosives

16 September, 2020

Sudanese authorities arrested 41 people for possessing large amounts of explosives.

How to share a river

16 September, 2020

Comment: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia should look to Latin America which has set a powerful global precedent on how to share transboundary resources, write Biniam Bedasso and Maria A. Gwynn.

Sudan pleads for aid to tackle devastating floods

15 September, 2020

Sudan has appealed for more aid as the impact of floods across the country continue to overwhelm the country's infrastructure.

Sudan Nile level drops after deadly floods

14 September, 2020

Nile waters in Sudan have begun to drop after reaching record levels this year and causing deadly floods across the country, the water and irrigation ministry said on Sunday.

Sudan's 'silent death' from flesh-eating cuts

13 September, 2020

Mycetoma disease, which leaves almost 60 percent of its victims with deformed limbs, acts as a life sentence for workers depending on manual labour to survive.

Bahrain to recognise Israel in latest normalisation pact

11 September, 2020

Bahrain will be the fourth Arab state to normalise relations with Israel following Egypt (1979), Jordan (1994) and the UAE (2020).

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