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Sudan voices frustration as latest Nile dam talks stall

10 January, 2021

Sudan warned it cannot continue the "vicious cycle" of negotiations with Egypt and Ethiopia in the long-running dispute over Addis Ababa's controversial Blue Nile mega dam.

US envoy visits Western Sahara after Morocco-Israel deal

09 January, 2021

The US is set to open a consulate in the contested Western Sahara.

Ethiopia army says 4 members of Tigray party killed

08 January, 2021

The army revealed that four members of the Tigray party were killed after they were targeted in a military attack.

German professor named to head Sudan UN mission

08 January, 2021

A German professor has been called in to lead the UN mission in Sudan.

UN envoy arrives in Aden after deadly airport blast

07 January, 2021

Special envoy Martin Griffiths arrived at Aden airport, where he expressed his condolences and emphasised the need for a solution to the conflict.

Israel's Netanyahu, US treasury secretary condemn Capitol violence

07 January, 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the recent violence in the US Capitol as he met with Steve Mnuchin after his trip to Sudan.

Ethiopia accuses Sudan of killing civilians amid border dispute

07 January, 2021

Ethiopia has accused Sudanese forces of looting and killing civilians amid an ongoing dispute over a fertile border area.

Morocco 'committed to opening Israel embassy': report

07 January, 2021

The Israel-Morocco accord agreed late last year fell short of pledges to open embassies.

Mnuchin meets Qatari, Egyptian counterparts in Cairo

06 January, 2021

The meeting was the first time a Qatari official visited Egypt since the Saudi-led blockade began in 2017.

US inks Sudan normalisation deal after blacklisting lifted

06 January, 2021

Sudan has been de-blacklisted and given access to $1 billion in financing from the World Bank as the northeast African state signs to normalise relations with Israel

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