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HRW calls on YouTube to preserve war crimes evidence

10 September, 2020

Human Rights Watch is calling for the retrieval of war crimes evidence that have been removed from social media.

Iraq launches 'air and land' bridge to help Sudan

10 September, 2020

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has ordered for humanitarian aid to be delivered to Sudan.

Normalisation with Israel would betray Sudan's refugees

10 September, 2020

Comment: As Sudan seeks to appease Washington through normalising ties with Israel, any such deal would be betray its own people as well as Palestinians under occupation, argues Suraya Dadoo.

Deadly floods threaten ancient Sudan pyramids: official

09 September, 2020

The record flooding that has killed more than 100 people and made tens of thousands homeless now threatens Sudan's historic pyramids.

Sudan floods threaten ancient archaeological gem

08 September, 2020

Rising Nile floodwaters are threatening to swamp an ancient archaeological site in Sudan, after some of the highest ever recorded river levels, archaeologists said.

Sudan to ink 'final' peace deal with rebels: mediator

07 September, 2020

Tut Gatluak, the head of the mediation team, said the final signing of the peace agreement would take place early next month.

Qatar to send emergency aid to flood-stricken Sudan

07 September, 2020

Emergency Qatari aid will be sent to Sudan, authorities announced on Sunday, as the flood-stricken country was declared a natural disaster zone.

Israel opposes sale of F-35 jets to UAE: reports

06 September, 2020

Israel's minister of intelligence, Eli Cohen said his country would not allow the United Arab Emirates to procure F-35 fighter jets even with normalisation of times between the two states.

UN chief warns of famine risk in Yemen

05 September, 2020

The United Nations has said four countries are at particular risk of famine: Yemen, South Sudan, Congo and northeast Nigeria.

'Palestine victim of Trump's electoral ambitions': top official

04 September, 2020

Recent US-brokered agreements between Israel and the UAE and Kosovo and Serbia are little more than a bid for re-election, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat said.

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