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Sudan, rebel leader agree to form secular state

28 March, 2021

They agreed to the separation of the "identities of culture region, ethnicity and religion from the State".

Sudan 'eligible for debt relief' after US deal

27 March, 2021

Sudan received more than $1 billion from the United States, prompting the World Bank and IMF to confirm it is now eligible for debt relief.

Lebanon joins UN list of 'catastrophic famine' risk countries

25 March, 2021

A report by FAO and WFP lumps Lebanon together with famine-stricken Yemen and war-torn Syria in a list of countries at risk of food insecurity in the coming months.

Saudi Arabia ‘attempting to mediate’ dispute between Nile countries

24 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia has reportedly made low key contacts with Egypt and Sudan in an effort to mediate the two countries’ simmering dispute with Ethiopia over a controversial Nile dam

Turkey's growing influence in the Horn of Africa

24 March, 2021

Analysis: In the last decade, Turkey has moved from being a peripheral country with little presence in the Horn of Africa to one of the region's most indispensable partners.

Father's murder of own daughter ignites fury in Sudan

24 March, 2021

Social media users are calling for the father's arrest under the hashtag #MyFatherKilledMe.

Sudan accepts UAE offer to mediate on Ethiopia dam

23 March, 2021

Khartoum had previously welcomed mediation from the EU, UN, US and the African Union but the proposal was rejected by Ethiopia.

UN warns of risk of famine in Yemen, S.Sudan

23 March, 2021

Parts of South Sudan and Yemen are already experiencing famine, two UN agencies said.

'We don't want war' with Sudan: Ethiopian PM Abiy

23 March, 2021

Tensions have risen between neighbours Sudan and Ethiopia over a disputed border zone and a mega-dam on the Nile.

Qatari, Saudi officials deny Israel normalisation plans

22 March, 2021

Netanyahu fuelled speculation that more Gulf states were planning to normalise ties with Israel.

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