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Kosovo to recognise Israel, Serbia to relocate embassy

04 September, 2020

As part of a US-brokered accord to normalise economic ties, Kosovo has agreed to recognise Israel and Serbia will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Sudan signs peace with holdout rebel group

04 September, 2020

Ending war with the rebels has been a cornerstone policy of Sudan's transitional government, which came to power in the months after Omar al-Bashir's overthrow.

Highest Nile waters for a century swamp Sudan

04 September, 2020

Seasonal floods have killed 94 people, injured 46 and destroyed or damaged over 60,000 homes across Sudan during the current season

Normalisation with Israel: Could Sudan be next?

04 September, 2020

Normalisation with Israel may facilitate Sudan's removal from the US terror list but risks exacerbating divisions within the transitional government amid popular opposition.

Palestinians agree on launching 'popular resistance' following UAE-Israel deal

04 September, 2020

The meeting brought together Mahmoud Abbas, head of the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, and Islamist Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh for the first time since 2013.

Bahrain to announce Israel normalisation deal 'very soon': report

03 September, 2020

Bahrain is set to announce the establishment of official ties with Israel following the signing of the UAE-Israel normalisation deal in mid-September, according to Israeli media

US partially suspends aid to Ethiopia over Nile dam

03 September, 2020

In response to Ethiopia’s decision to fill the reservoir of its Renaissance Dam on the Nile unilaterally, the US announced that it will partly suspend aid to the African nation

Sudan and rebels meet to implement peace deal

02 September, 2020

Monday's peace deal between rebels and Sudan's government covers security, land ownership, transitional justice, power sharing and the return of people who fled their homes because of fighting

Ethiopia seeks US clarification on aid cut over dam

01 September, 2020

Ethiopia's US Ambassador Fitsum Arega tweeted saying he has heard the aid cut is related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and that the clarification is expected from the US.

Sudan flood death toll rises to 89

31 August, 2020

At least 89 people have been killed in floods across the country, authorities said.

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