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Ethiopian general threatens military force to defend Nile dam

13 June, 2020

General Birhanu Jula, the deputy chief of Ethiopia’s army, said that Ethiopia will 'defend itself by force and will not negotiate over its right to the Renaissance Dam' with Egypt.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

13 June, 2020

Morocco is set to ease restrictive lockdown measures, while an eruption of Covid-19-like symptoms in Darfur raises fears of a spread in refugee camps.

Spike in deaths in Darfur points to Covid-19 spread

13 June, 2020

South Sudan is seeing a spike in 'mysterious' deaths that are linked to coronavirus.

Sudanese militia leader to face ICC judges next week

11 June, 2020

Ali Kushayb, a former close ally of ousted Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, was transferred to The Hague on Tuesday after earlier handing himself over in the Central African Republic.

ICC urges more Sudan war crimes suspects to surrender

10 June, 2020

The ICC called on Wednesday for Sudanese war crimes suspects to turn themselves in.

Dozens in Sudan protest against new UN mission

10 June, 2020

The UN Security Council last week approved a new political mission, the Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), mandating it to help Sudan's transition to democratic rule.

Egypt blames Ethiopia for stalling Nile dam talks

09 June, 2020

Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi strongly condemned Ethiopia for 'stalling' negotiations over the Nile dam.

Darfur war crimes fugitive in ICC custody

09 June, 2020

Ali Kushayb, also known as Ali Muhammad Ali Abd–Al-Rahman, is wanted on 50 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed between 2002-2004 in Sudan's western Darfur region.

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia to resume dam talks

09 June, 2020

Irrigation and water ministers from the three Nile basin countries will meet via videoconference, Sudan's irrigation ministry said in a statement.

The Gulf crisis's 'internationalisation' makes it harder to resolve

05 June, 2020

Comment: The more the GCC rift spreads, the more difficult it will be to negotiate or to change the status quo, writes Courtney Freer.

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