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UN official warns of escalating foreign power-fuelled Libyan war

20 May, 2020

The UN's acting special envoy to Libya has warned of foreign-backed escalation on both sides of the Libyan conflict.

Which Arab countries will be in lockdown this Eid?

20 May, 2020

Muslims across the Arab world are preparing for a very different Eid amid a coronavirus epidemic.

Trump's inspector general purge and the death of dissent

20 May, 2020

Comment: Destroying the credibility and effectiveness of the inspector general system means that no civil servant will feel comfortable reporting any sort of abuse or violations, writes Elizabeth Shackelford.

South Sudan Vice President tests positive for coronavirus

19 May, 2020

VP Riek Machar's wife, Defence Minister Angelina Teny, and "a number of his office staff and bodyguards" have also been infected.

US Supreme Court demands $4 billion Sudan compensation

19 May, 2020

The US Supreme Court has sided with the victims of the 1998 al-Qaeda embassy bombings, ordering Sudan to pay out more than $4 billion in compensation.

Ethiopia ‘deploys missiles’ as Nile dispute with Egypt escalates

19 May, 2020

Ethiopia says it plans to fill a dam on the Nile without consulting Egypt, amid reports that Addis Ababa deployed missiles to defend the dam.

Sudan soldier kills two on 'speeding rickshaw'

17 May, 2020

Two people were killed after allegedly speeding past a military checkpoint during a strict round-the-clock curfew in the capital Khartoum.

Sudan inflation soars amid increasing food prices

16 May, 2020

More than a year after Sudan was rocked by protests over bread price hikes, inflation in the country rose to 99 percent because of rising food prices.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

14 May, 2020

Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco are trapped by coronavirus and poverty and Iran reopens mosques for holy Ramadan nights despite Covid-19. Here are your top stories for today.

Hamas chief confirms prisoner swap negotiations with Israel

14 May, 2020

Ismail Haniyeh has confirmed talks with Israel for a prisoner swap via Egypt and has urged Saudi Arabia to release Palestinian detainees in the kingdom.

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