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Jordan king to address nation on palace turmoil

07 April, 2021

After the dramatic events involving Prince Hamzah, the king of Jordan has announced that he will make an address.

Russia and West spar over Syria chemical weapons vote

07 April, 2021

A disagreement has erupted over a vote to strip Syria of its voting rights in the international chemical weapons watchdog.

Battle for Marib key to Iran, US tension

07 April, 2021

The city of Marib has been facing an assault by Iran-back Houthi rebels and Saudi airstrikes that are trying to push back the advancing forces.

Covid-19: A year of repression in the Middle East

07 April, 2021

In-depth: Amnesty International's annual report for 2020/21 reveals the scope of the abuses Middle Eastern governments perpetrated while the pandemic was raging.

US defence chief Austin to visit Israel: report

07 April, 2021

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin will visit Israel next week, marking the first visit to the country by a cabinet-level member of the Biden administration.

EU chiefs press Erdogan on rights, stress better ties

06 April, 2021

The EU's top two officials voiced concerns over human rights in Turkey, while expressing hope for stronger ties.

Islamic State group abducts 19 in Syria: monitor

06 April, 2021

IS on Tuesday abducted 19 people, mostly civilians, in the centre of war-torn Syria.

New audio 'undermines' Jordan's claims of foreign plot

06 April, 2021

A new audio recording indicates that Jordanian authorities tried to silence a former crown prince for meeting with internal critics.

Jordan's Abdullah turns to family mediation on palace turmoil

05 April, 2021

Jordan's King Abdullah II agreed to enter mediation to heal a rift within the royal family, the palace said, after his half-brother Prince Hamzah was accused of a "wicked" plot.

HTS terror designation 'unfair', Jolani claims in first interview

04 April, 2021

The interview is widely seen as the HTS leader's latest attempt to rehabilitate his image among Western states.

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