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The fear inspired by Blackwater, US military in Iraq

29 December, 2020

Though Nisour Square was 13 years ago, the release of the Blackwater guards from prison opened up old wounds for the families of those killed, writes Elijah J. Magnier.

Renowned Syrian director Hatem Ali dies in Cairo

29 December, 2020

Hatem Ali was known for role in spreading the popularity of Syrian dramas in the Arab world.

Russia, Turkey to develop military ties despite US sanctions

29 December, 2020

Moscow and Ankara's military cooperation would not be deterred by US sanctions on Turkey, Russia's FM said.

Arrests after arson attack at camp in Lebanon

29 December, 2020

The fire on Saturday night tore through the tented shelters of some 75 families near the town of Bhanine in the north Lebanon Miniyeh region, leaving only a charred wasteland.

Russia to send reinforcements to Syria flashpoint region

29 December, 2020

It follows clashes between Turkish-backed Syrian fighters and Kurdish militias in northern Syria.

Hezbollah claims it has 'doubled' arsenal of guided missiles

28 December, 2020

Hassan Nasrallah alleged that his group has the capability to strike anywhere in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon set ablaze after row

26 December, 2020

A camp has been set alight in Lebanon following a fight between two members and a Lebanese family.

Syrian regime detains dissident’s relatives following Al-Jazeera appearance

25 December, 2020

The Syrian regime has arrested the relatives of a dissident who criticized Assad on Al-Jazeera, as a rights group said that over 20,000 opposition family members have been detained.

Pope: Pray for children in Syria, Iraq and Yemen

25 December, 2020

Pope Francis touched on the plight of children caught up by war, singling out victims in Syria, Yemen and Iraq in his Christmas speech.

Israeli strikes on Syria kill six: monitor

25 December, 2020

Israeli missiles killed at least six Iran-backed fighters in Syria.

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