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US couple arrested over plan to join IS

02 April, 2021

James Bradley, 20, of New York and Arwa Muthana, 29, from Alabama were stopped on Wednesday as they stepped onto the gangplank of a cargo ship in Newark, New Jersey.

Syrian regime allows Russian oil exploration in 'Lebanese waters'

01 April, 2021

Lebanese officials are yet to comment on the agreement, which could see the country lose hundreds of square kilometres of its maritime territory to Syria.

Exploring generational trauma with The Arsonists' City

01 April, 2021

Book club: The Arsonists' City is a gripping novel about an Arab-American family facing its trauma and demons after taking a reluctant trip to Lebanon

Yes, Israel occupies West Bank, US says

31 March, 2021

The Biden administration said that Israel is indeed occupying the West Bank, clarifying its stance after a report adopted language used by Donald Trump's government.

EU ministers vow Syria 'war criminals' won't go unpunished

31 March, 2021

EU foreign ministers vowed they would demand "accountability" from the "war criminals and torturers" of Syria's civil war.

Donors pledge more than $6 billion to Syria crisis

31 March, 2021

A conference to raise money for humanitarian aid for Syria has secure just over half what it hoped to secure.

Three held in Italy over Syria kidnapping

31 March, 2021

Italian authorities arrested three men for masterminding the kidnapping of two Italians who were held captive in Syria for three years.

As under Trump, US report avoids 'Occupied Territories'

31 March, 2021

US President Joe Biden's administration avoided using the term "Occupied Territories" in a human rights report, as his predecessor Donald Trump has done.

Syria border must stay open for aid: UN chief

31 March, 2021

Closing the last remaining border crossing into Syria would halt the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines across the country's northwest, the UN chief said.

Denmark mulls repatriation of jihadists' children

30 March, 2021

Denmark is considering repatriating the children of Danish jihadists in Syria.

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