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Hundreds of Syrians exit Lebanese town over tensions: UN

27 November, 2020

At least 270 Syrian families have left the Lebanese town of Bsharre, as hostility towards them mounted over a murder allegedly committed by a Syrian national

Refugees in Britain: Covid-19 and the loneliness epidemic

26 November, 2020

Public discourse on refugees often centres solely on their material needs. However, the Covid-19 crisis shows that the deep desire for community and belonging cannot be ignored.

British women, children held in 'barbaric' Syria camps: report

26 November, 2020

A report has exposed the 'barbaric' conditions British women and children are kept in in Syria.

Policy loopholes in MENA countries 'fail' women's rights

25 November, 2020

A report by Plan International looks at civil society and law reform in the MENA.

UK Supreme Court to hear Shamima Begum case

23 November, 2020

The case of Shamima Begum will be heard by the UK's Supreme Court on Monday.

Walid al-Muallem: The legacy of Assad's Goebbelsian late FM

22 November, 2020

Comment: Sam Hamad reflects on the legacy of Walid al-Muallem, Assad's foreign minister who died this week, after he spent the past decade justifying Assad's crimes to the world.

Alleged IS executioner arrested at Greek refugee camp

20 November, 2020

The 27-year-old Syrian has been charged with membership in a terrorist organisation and complicity to murder.

Greece could be sued over Syrian expulsion to Turkey

18 November, 2020

A 26-year-old Syrian man said he was illegally expelled from Greece in 2016 whilst searching for his 11-year-old brother.

Lebanon's impenetrable glass ceiling

17 November, 2020

Comment: Women in Lebanon are fighting not just for better representation, but a complete overhaul of a male-dominated system that fosters inertia, corruption and greed, writes Carmen Geha.

UK far-right Tommy Robinson loses 'Syrian teenager' legal battle

17 November, 2020

The far-right campaigner has lost a crucial court battle with a Syrian teenager he is accused of bullying.

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