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The erasure of Yarmouk refugee camp

14 August, 2020

Bombed, starved and besieged, Palestinian residents of Yarmouk refugee camp now face being permanently displaced as the Assad regime expropriates their homes.

What a Biden-Harris ticket means for the Middle East

13 August, 2020

America's strategy in the Middle East has failed. But can a Biden presidency repair it?

Islamic State threat 'growing' in west Syria

13 August, 2020

Conditions in the region controlled by Syrian regime are now "as bad or worse" than they were leading up to the rise of IS, the general warned.

Iran 'wary' of political changes in Lebanon following blast

11 August, 2020

Tehran is cautious over developments taking place in Lebanon, where a deadly blast killed more than 170 people last week and prompted the resignation of the government.

Electric night of Lebanon protests after blast

09 August, 2020

A group led by retired army officers snuck into the foreign ministry and declared the building a "headquarters of the revolution".

Over 40 Syrians killed in Beirut blast: embassy

08 August, 2020

The embassy did not specify if the Syrian fatalities were included in the 154 death toll announced by Lebanese authorities.

MbS encouraged Russia's military intervention in Syria, lawsuit claims

07 August, 2020

A lawsuit filed by a former Saudi intelligence official says that in 2015, MbS was in communications with Putin, 'encouraging Russian intervention in Syria', despite Saudi support for the rebels

Netanyahu warns Hezbollah after Israeli strike in Syria

04 August, 2020

The Israeli military struck targets in Syria after it said militants tried to plant explosives in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.

Lebanon: Ambitions of a nation taken hostage

03 August, 2020

Comment: Lebanon has reached a tipping point which, if history is anything to go by, can lead to irreversible damage, writes Carmen Geha.

Often on brink, Lebanon headed toward collapse

03 August, 2020

Lebanon is hurtling toward a tipping point at an alarming speed, driven by financial ruin, collapsing institutions, hyperinflation and rapidly rising poverty - with a pandemic on top of that.

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