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How Russia's soft power strategy seeks to reshape Syria

15 April, 2021

Analysis: Moscow's role in Syria is often referenced through its military intervention, but the Kremlin is also using soft power tactics to shape a future elite and establish lasting influence.

Syrian regime soldiers killed in attacks in Daraa, Idlib

14 April, 2021

Two Syrian regime soldiers were killed in an attack in the southern province of Daraa, while opposition forces ambushed a regime vehicle in Idlib province, reportedly killing all inside.

Rebuilding Raqqa: Hope amid the ruins of war

13 April, 2021

In-depth: Three years after being liberated from IS, Raqqa is still in ruins. But despite funding shortages and security challenges, residents are doing their best to reconstruct a stable life.

Syria Insight: Fears grow for Syrian refugees in Denmark

08 April, 2021

The Danish government has revoked the residencies of dozens of Syrian refugees, the first European country to do so, as part of new anti-immigration legislation.

Why the EU-Turkey migration deal needs to be reassessed

08 April, 2021

In-depth: Five years after the EU-Turkey migration deal was reached, the agreement desperately needs to be reassessed for the sake of millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Protesters commemorate anniversary of Syrian regime Douma chemical massacre

08 April, 2021

Protesters in Idlib gathered to remember the victims of the 2018 chemical weapons attack on Douma that killed 39, and to demand accountability.

Russia and West spar over Syria chemical weapons vote

07 April, 2021

A disagreement has erupted over a vote to strip Syria of its voting rights in the international chemical weapons watchdog.

Islamic State group abducts 19 in Syria: monitor

06 April, 2021

IS on Tuesday abducted 19 people, mostly civilians, in the centre of war-torn Syria.

Jordan denies reports it plans to expel Syrian activist

03 April, 2021

The Jordanian government has denied reports that it plans to deport three Syrian refugees, including the prominent activist Hasna al-Hariri, following public outrage and a social media campaign.

Donors pledge more than $6 billion to Syria crisis

31 March, 2021

A conference to raise money for humanitarian aid for Syria has secure just over half what it hoped to secure.

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