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Stop normalising apartheid: Lessons from South Africa's liberation struggle

03 September, 2020

Comment: Africa's Frontline States showed what real solidarity looks like, but the Arab world is ignoring the lessons of history, writes Suraya Dadoo.

Arab artists boycott UAE after Israel deal

03 September, 2020

A number of Arab artists have withdrawn from Emirati-run exhibitions and competitions in opposition to last month's agreement to normalise ties with Israel.

Tunisia bets on non-partisan government to break political deadlock

02 September, 2020

In-depth: After winning a vote of confidence and averting the dissolution of parliament, the new Tunisian government now faces the major challenge of ruling with a fragile political bedrock.

Tunisia's parliament approves new government

02 September, 2020

Former interior minister Hichem Mechichi will take the reins as Tunisia's new prime minister, after his technocrat cabinet won two thirds of the deeply divided parliament's vote

Egypt jails man for printing 'new Quran following revelation'

29 August, 2020

Port Said Criminal Court reportedly convicted the 40-year old man in absentia for 'distorting' the text of God, with the aim of distributing a "new revision".

VR technology revives archaeological marvels from the Middle East

28 August, 2020

A new generation of digital conservationists are using cutting edge virtual reality technology to revive war-damaged cultural heritage sites.

Tunisia announces second new government in six months

25 August, 2020

Prime minister-designate Hichem Mechichi has angered Tunisia's largest party by endorsing a technocratic government, which parliament will vote on within the next two weeks.

Suha Arafat apologises to UAE over Israel normalisation protests

22 August, 2020

While UAE media and mouthpieces are in raptures over her apology, senior Palestinian officials have distanced themselves from the statement.

Tunisia reimposes curfew in virus hotspot

22 August, 2020

The North African country has registered a total of 2,543 cases and 63 fatalities since the start of the outbreak.

Libya: several understandings which came to nothing

22 August, 2020

An overview of some of attempted initiatives for peace in Libya, following the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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