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YouTube culls prominent white supremacist channels over hate speech

30 June, 2020

YouTube has shut down six channels promoting white supremacy - including those of David Duke and Richard Spencer - as social media sites begin to crack down on hate speech.

Civil unrest continues in southern Tunisia as economy plummets

29 June, 2020

Thousands of protesters have been gathering in Tunisia's Sfax city for weeks to demand the release of two trade union leaders that were detained on April 6th.

Tunisian economy to contract 6 percent in 2020: premier

26 June, 2020

Tunisia's Prime Minister told parliament that the country's GDP will far worse than it did during the 2011 revolution that toppled dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

Tunisian president hits out at foreign interference

24 June, 2020

Tunisian President Kais Saied on Tuesday criticised foreign intervention in his country and warned against efforts to divide neighbouring Libya.

Tunisia protesters, police clash anew in deprived south

24 June, 2020

Protesters are calling for the government to provide jobs and services in the country's deprived southern region.

Tripoli slams Arab League statement on Libya

24 June, 2020

A Tuesday statement by the Arab League called for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya, but the statement has been rejected by Tripoli and three other countries.

Tunisia won’t accept divided Libya, says president

23 June, 2020

'Tunis will not accept the division of Libya,' President Saied said, as he called for the formation of a legitimate government 'born of the will of the Libyan people'

Coronavirus reveals Tunisia's revolutionary gains only exist on paper

22 June, 2020

Comment: Much of Tunisia's crucial legislation designed to protect women is yet to take effect, leaving women more vulnerable than ever, write Sarah Yerkes and Maro Youssef.

Tunisians protesting over jobs clash with police after arrest

22 June, 2020

Protester who have demonstrated peacefully for weeks in the southern Tataouine region clashed with police on Sunday, following the arrest of their spokesman.

Tunisian boy, 12, dies after 'faith healing' session

20 June, 2020

A 12-year-old Tunisian boy has died after suffering abuse during a faith healing session.

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