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Tunisia jails blogger for writing fake Quran coronavirus verse

14 July, 2020

Amna Al-Sharqi faced death threats after she penned and shared the satirical 'Surah Corona'.

Tunisia's Ennahdha party seeks government change

13 July, 2020

Tunisia's Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party, the largest in parliament, called Monday for consultations to appoint a new prime minister, a move opposed by President Kais Saied.

Tunisia parties seek to remove parliamentary speaker Rached Ghannouchi

13 July, 2020

At least five Tunisian parties plan to launch a vote of no confidence in parliamentary speaker Rached Ghannouchi who has been accused of partisan interests.

New Tunisia protests over unemployment

12 July, 2020

"Either we get a better life or we all die," demonstrators, including women, could be heard shouting.

Tunisian families battle to repatriate children of jihadists

12 July, 2020

Tunisians have constituted one of the largest groups of foreign jihadists in Syria, Iraq and Libya since 2011.

Moscow push to reduce cross-border aid to Syria fails

09 July, 2020

The UN Security Council voted down a Russian bid to abolish one of two vital aid crossing points between Turkey and Syria, and keep the second open for six months.

Tunisia’s biggest party's 'suspicions' about PM threatens government stability

07 July, 2020

Tunisia's premier has answered questions, which could threaten the government.

How Abu Dhabi is helping out Damascus

03 July, 2020

Comment: Khaled Sid Mohand of The Justice and Liberties for All Committee discusses normalisation, and the UAE's monetary, military and security partnerships with the Syrian regime.

UN adopts resolution calling for pandemic-related halt to conflicts

01 July, 2020

The resolution, drafted by France and Tunisia, calls for "an immediate cessation of hostilities in all situations" on the Security Council's agenda.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

01 July, 2020

In Iran, nearly 11,000 have died due to Covid-19, whereas Turkey is urging the EU to include it in the list of 'safe' coronavirus partners.

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