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Separatism: Bringing Islam and France's Muslims to heel

26 November, 2020

Comment: In France, lawmakers are dreaming of giving carte blanche to the intelligence police, allowing them to say who is 'too Muslim' to be French, writes Raphaël Kempf.

Tunisian England-Argentina referee praises 'wonderful' Maradona as Arabs mourn

26 November, 2020

In a New Arab interview, Ali Ben Nasser, who refereed the 1986 Argentina-England match mourned Diego Maradona while insisting he was 'not responsible' for allowing the 'Hand of God' goal.

UAE 'suspends issuing visas' for 13 mostly Muslim-majority countries

25 November, 2020

The UAE reportedly began enforcing the move on 18 November.

Qatar to host FIFA Arab Cup in 2021

25 November, 2020

Qatar, host of World Cup 2022, will be the venue of a special 22-team Arab Cup next year.

Syria's Assad: Lone survivor of Arab Spring

23 November, 2020

Ten years on Syria's Bashar Al-Assad defied the odds, surviving international isolation and temporary loss of two thirds of the national territory to claw his way back into relevance.

WHO warns second wave of coronavirus across Middle East

19 November, 2020

The World Health Organisation has warned that the Middle East should prepare for a second wave of covid-19, as countries across the world struggle under the weight of deaths.

France could reduce visas to Maghreb due to 'radicalisation'

18 November, 2020

The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin presented a list of 231 individuals France wants to expel due to suspicions of 'radicalisation'.

Normalisation with Israel undermines Palestinian statehood efforts: Qatar FM

17 November, 2020

The UAE, Bahrain and Sudan broke with decades of Arab policy that had demanded Israel first cede occupied land to the Palestinians to form their own state before establishing relations.

Six Middle East realities Biden can't afford to ignore

16 November, 2020

Comment: For there to be any real progress in our region, Biden must grasp how we reached this situation, and how we get out of it, writes Rami Khouri.

Tunisia, Qatar propose 'Western-Islamic' conference: report

16 November, 2020

During a three-day visit to Doha, Tunisia's president proposed a 'Western-Islamic conference' aimed at achieving greater understanding between the Muslim world and the west.

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