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Emirati 'Hope' probe heads for Mars

10 July, 2020

The UAE's project is designed to recall the heyday of the Arab world's scientific advances during the Middle Ages.

Dubai reopens doors to tourists after long shutdown

09 July, 2020

Dubai has reopened its doors to tourists after months under quarantine.

Dubai deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan praises British colonialism

09 July, 2020

Dubai's controversial deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan sparked an uproar on social media after he praised British colonialism.

Sudanese fighters committing armed robberies and assaults in Libya

09 July, 2020

Sudan's infamous Janjaweed militia is reportedly stealing and assaulting locals in Libya as they fight alongside rogue General Khalifa Haftar's troops.

Coronavirus tracking projects renew questions about UAE's mass surveillance

09 July, 2020

The UAE has started using its 'Oyoon' surveillance system to monitor coronavirus en masse, but many believe the technology created and data collected will be used in service of authoritarianism

British MPs 'outraged' over arms sales to Saudi Arabia

08 July, 2020

This week we focus on a 'disappointing' decision by the UK to resume Saudi arms sales, warnings over famine in Yemen and more.

UN chief denounces 'unprecedented' foreign interference in Libya

08 July, 2020

The UN secretary-general condemned foreign interference in the Libya conflict during a UN Security Council meeting.

UN warns Yemen on the brink of famine again

08 July, 2020

The UN has once again sounded the alarm over Yemen's descent into famine as donor funds have dried up.

Lebanese convicted of financing Hezbollah in US returns home

08 July, 2020

A Lebanese businessman who was convicted for laundering money to Hezbollah returned to his home country after his early release.

Dubai reopens doors to tourists after long coronavirus shutdown

07 July, 2020

Dubai is opening to international tourists after months under lockdown due to Covid-19.

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