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Iraqi Kurdistan fears entanglement in Turkey-UAE cold war

07 July, 2020

Analysis: Iraqi Kurdistan hopes to avoid becoming entangled in a regional cold war.

Libya's unity government says 'foreign air force' hit base

06 July, 2020

Libya's UN-recognised government condemned overnight air raids against a recaptured strategic air base in the west of the country, alleging they were carried out by a "foreign air force".

Turkish minister in Libya for defence cooperation talks

03 July, 2020

The talks covered defence and security training programmes under a deal signed by Tripoli and Ankara in November last year, a statement said.

Will Jordan revoke its peace treaty with Israel?

03 July, 2020

Annexation of the West Bank could be the final blow to Jordan's peace treaty with Israel.

Israeli, UAE technology firms sign deal on coronavirus research

03 July, 2020

A state-linked technology company in the UAE has signed a partnership with two major Israeli defence firms to fight coronavirus, in a significant step towards normalizing relation.

Detainees 'at high virus risk' in crowded Yemen jail

02 July, 2020

In one incident, 44 detainees were transferred to a room of only 10 square meters, according to relatives who spoke to the New-York based rights group.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

01 July, 2020

In Iran, nearly 11,000 have died due to Covid-19, whereas Turkey is urging the EU to include it in the list of 'safe' coronavirus partners.

Will the Caesar Act deter UAE normalisation of Assad?

01 July, 2020

In-depth: The Syrian regime has become increasingly important to the UAE's geopolitical goals.

Turkey slams France's 'destructive' approach to Libya conflict

30 June, 2020

Turkey condemned France's approach in Libya, blasting it as "destructive"

Macron slams Turkey's 'criminal responsibility' in Libya

30 June, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron accused fellow NATO member Turkey of "criminal responsibility" over its involvement in the Libyan conflict, in an escalating row with Ankara.

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