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Naming Qatar a major non-NATO ally

23 September, 2020

Analysis: The move would be a huge boost to the US-Qatar partnership and another reminder of how the blockade has failed to drive a wedge between Washington and Doha.

Bahrain, Israel leaders in post-normalisation accord talks

22 September, 2020

Bahrain and Israel held talks on Tuesday, a week after signing a controversial normalisation accord.

Erdogan urges dialogue on east Mediterranean, not 'harassment'

22 September, 2020

Erdogan called for "sincere" dialogue to settle the growing row with Greece over Ankara's energy search in the eastern Mediterranean

Abu Dhabi abolishes permit system for buying alcohol

22 September, 2020

Authorities in Abu Dhabi has abolished a permit system for buying alcohol as rules relax.

Trump defiantly presses 'UN' sanctions on Iran

22 September, 2020

President Donald Trump said that he was imposing sanctions on Iranians for violating a UN arms embargo and demanded enforcement by US allies.

Normalisation: US issues security alert for citizens in Bahrain

21 September, 2020

The United States Embassy in Bahrain warned American citizens in the Gulf kingdom of the "need for caution", days after Manama signed a US-backed deal with Israel.

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood to take part in elections

21 September, 2020

The political wing of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, the country's main opposition party, said it would take part in parliamentary elections in November.

Israel, UAE film industries to cooperate following normalisation deal

21 September, 2020

Film agencies in Israel and the United Arab Emirates have announced an agreement to cooperate on television production, in the latest development following the signing of a deal normalising ties.

Bahrain says it broke up Iran-backed militant attack plot

21 September, 2020

Bahraini authorities say that they foiled a plot by Iran-backed militants to attack diplomats and foreigners earlier this year amid heightened tensions in the Gulf.

GCC head arrives in blockaded Qatar following Riyadh visit

20 September, 2020

Nayef Falaj Al-Hajraf, the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] landed in Doha on Sunday.

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