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Tunisia receives first big vaccine delivery

09 March, 2021

Tunisia received its first major delivery of coronavirus vaccines, as 30,000 Sputnik V doses arrived in Tunis.

US sanctions complicate Syria's return to Arab League: UAE

09 March, 2021

US sanctions are preventing the return of Syria to the Arab League according to the UAE foreign minister.

What lies in store for US-Saudi ties?

09 March, 2021

Analysis: Biden has softened his tough campaign rhetoric since entering office as the US negotiates its future relationship with Saudi Arabia.

British MPs call on UAE to release 14 detainees

08 March, 2021

British MPs have given their names to a petition calling on the UAE to release 14 detainees who have served their time but remain in prison.

Pope meets top Iraq Shia cleric in interfaith milestone

06 March, 2021

The two elderly, respected men of religion met at Sistani's humble home in the shrine city of Najaf on Saturday, the second day of the first-ever papal visit to Iraq.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard says airplane hijacking disrupted

06 March, 2021

The Guard's announcement did not identify the suspect and only said the hijacker sought to divert the flight to the "southern shores of the Persian Gulf."

UN still waiting for proof Dubai's Sheikha Latifa alive

06 March, 2021

Despite discussions with UAE representatives in Geneva, the UN's Human Rights Office is yet to receive proof Sheikha Latifa is alive.

Bomb targeting southern Yemen separatist leaders kills, injures fighters

04 March, 2021

A bomb targeting a military convoy carrying leaders of the separatist “Security Belt” militia has killed and injured a number of fighters in the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

Seeking relevance, Trump touts Middle East 'victories' at CPAC

03 March, 2021

In-depth: At this year’s CPAC, Donald Trump boasted of his policy victories in the Middle East, but his erratic legacy is probably more liability than asset for the Biden administration.

UAE to withdraw foreign mercenaries from Libya: sources

03 March, 2021

Some 5000 Sudanese and Chadian mercenaries are reportedly preparing to leave Libya, as a UN team has arrived to oversee the withdrawal of foreign fighters.

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