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US lawmakers seek to stop Saudi Arabia acquiring nukes

17 April, 2021

The Democratic lawmakers say they want to 'extinguish any future Middle East arms race'.

Foolish wars have consequences

30 July, 2018

Comment: We can only imagine what the Middle East would be like, if 15 years ago the US hadn't engaged in the foolish war in Iraq, writes James J. Zogby.

Trump the anti-Obama targets Iran

21 December, 2017

Comment: If Trump has any one guiding principle, it is to be the anti-Obama - and on foreign policy, there are worse doctrines, writes Kyle Orton.

Stoking war with Iran courts disaster

09 August, 2017

Comment: Trump administration advocates for regime change in Iran seem oblivious to the post-Saddam storm that continues to rage in the Gulf, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Don't repeat Iraq war false WMD claims with Iran

07 August, 2017

Comment: Making inspection demands part of a pre-determined plan to find Iran in non-compliance is the exact opposite of the cooperative approach that is needed, writes Mark Fitzpatrick.

Will Assad's renewed atrocities galvanise Trump, where Obama failed?

06 April, 2017

Comment: Despite his promises, Obama failed to act when Assad 'crossed the red line'. Will the Syrian regime's chemical massacre push Trump into action? asks Kyle Orton.

Remembering Iraq's 14 years of terror, not freedom

20 March, 2017

Comment: Iraqis were promised democracy, freedom and human rights by the US and its allies, instead they got a decade and a half of death and destruction, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

Sudan: 'Serial WMD offender' appointed leader of chemical-weapons watchdog

16 March, 2017

Sudan has used dozens of chemical weapons against its own citizens - but its envoy has been appointed leader of the watchdog responsible for regulating chemical weapons anyway.

'US had no Iraq WMD intelligence' Egypt's ElBaradei claims

15 January, 2017

An explosive interview with Egypt's former Vice President Mohammed ElBaradei has claimed that former French President Jacques Chirac told him US intelligence 'knew' that Iraq had no WMDs in 2003.

The truth about Israel's Jericho nuclear missile finally uncovered

17 October, 2016

Comment: As information comes to light concerning Israel's nuclear arsenal, the US's refusal to concede such weapons exist appears ever more hypocritical, writes Richard Silverstein

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