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Moadamiyeh between Assad’s media and international silence

27 March, 2017

As Syrian cities drop from mainstream narrative, viewers turn to regime media, only to be greeted by a very different reality, writes Qappani.

No accident: Syria deliberately bombed schools and water supply

14 March, 2017

A UN commission on the Syrian war says it believes government forces deliberately bombed a school complex in the country's northern countryside, killing 21 children, last October.

Inside Douma: A desperate portrait of life in Syria

06 March, 2017

Exclusive: A city of amputees, back-street abortions and chemical weapons-massacres is also a city of survivors, and their hope, reports Ben Jacobs.

Syria a 'testing ground' for deadly new Russian weapons

24 February, 2017

Russia tested 162 new types of weapons in the Syrian conflict, according to the defence minister who said that they proved their 'worth' and hailed Russian military's performance in Syria.

Rehearsing for Geneva: Kazakhstan hosts 'model Syrian peace talks'

16 February, 2017

Fresh talks on ending conflict resume in Astana Thursday, but focus will be on maintaining a precarious ceasefire while political issues will likely be adjourned to Geneva later this month.

Raqqa without water after suspected coalition airstrike

03 February, 2017

Water to the IS's Syrian bastion of Raqqa has been cut after suspected coalition raids on the city's main pipeline

Syrian rebels prepare to withdraw from besieged Wadi Barada

29 January, 2017

Rebels in Syria will withdraw from the flash point Wadi Barada valley on Sunday, after reaching a deal with the Syrian regime that grants them safe passage to Idlib.

Syrian army takes control of Damascus main water source

28 January, 2017

Syrian regime forces have entered the village of Ain al-Fija near Damascus, early on Saturday, and took control of a spring that supplies most of the capital's water

Syria rebels object to terms of peace talks declaration

24 January, 2017

Syrian rebels attending peace talks have said they have "fundamental objections" to the terms of a final declaration at indirect negotiations in Kazakhstan's capital Astana.

Syria crunch-talks set for Kazakhstan: The players, the agendas

21 January, 2017

Negotiations between the Syrian regime and rebel groups get underway in Astana, the Kazakh capital, on Monday. But will they bring an end to ongoing bloodshed in war-torn Syria?

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