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UN announces details of permanent ceasefire in Libya

24 October, 2020

The United Nations have released crucial details of a permanent ceasefire in Libya, including the withdrawal of foreign fighters for at least three months in a decision hailed by Guterres.

Arab-Americans, it's time to flip Ohio blue

23 October, 2020

Comment: As Arab-Americans, we feel the sting of both Republican and Democrat foreign policy failures personally. But now is no time for voter apathy, writes Laila Ujayli.

Yemen in Focus: New Houthi ambassador signals Iran's intentions

23 October, 2020

This week we focus on Iran's new ambassador to the Houthis in the rebel-held capital.

Two more Hezbollah officials join US sanctions list

23 October, 2020

Two more officials from Lebanon's Hezbollah have been put on the US sanctions list.

US foreign policy in the 2020 elections

22 October, 2020

Comment: Differences in Middle East foreign policy between Trump and Biden show two very different visions of America’s place in the world, writes Charles W. Dunne.

Biden could reset US ties with Saudi Arabia: report

22 October, 2020

Saudi Arabia could be set for a new relationship with the US, if Joe Biden win's next month's election.

45 lawmakers urge US to boycott Saudi-hosted G20

21 October, 2020

The US government has been urged to boycott next month's G20 summit in Riyadh over the kingdom's rights violations.

Netflix announces host of new Turkish TV series

21 October, 2020

The streaming giant is massively expanding its roster of Turkish original TV series and films.

What Biden could mean for the Middle East

21 October, 2020

Analysis: With Joe Biden leading in the polls for US presidential elections, a victory for the Democratic candidate could have major policy implications for the Middle East.

Yemen submits UN complain over Iran's ambassador to Houthis

20 October, 2020

The internationally-recognised government of Yemen submitted a formal complaint to the United Nations after an Iranian ambassador assumed position in the rebel-held capital.

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