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Rights groups condemn deadly attack on Yemen jail

06 April, 2020

Houthi rebels targeted the female section of the prison with mortar shells, according to the government's Saba news agency.

Houthi shelling kills women inmates at Yemen's Taiz prison

06 April, 2020

Houthi shelling on a prison in Taiz killed at least five women and a child on Saturday, local reports confirmed.

Houthis strike Marib oil facility despite UN ceasefire efforts

05 April, 2020

A state-owned oil facility in Yemen's eastern Marib region was struck by Houthis on Saturday, despite the rebels 'responding positively' to UN ceasefire efforts

How has coronavirus impacted conflicts in the Middle East?

05 April, 2020

On Friday, the UN appealed for ceasefires in all conflicts across the world. Antonio Guterres, its chief, warned that ''the worst is yet to come''.

11 countries considering ceasefire in wake of COVID pandemic

03 April, 2020

The UN has announced that 11 countries are considering a ceasefire in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter removes thousands of fake pro-government Egyptian, Saudi accounts

02 April, 2020

Twitter announced it deleted 5,350 'inauthentic' Saudi accounts and 2,541 Egyptian accounts that amplified messaging against Qatar, Turkey and Iran under direction from the respective governments.

UN envoy in talks for Yemen ceasefire over coronavirus

02 April, 2020

The UN envoy to Yemen is attempting to get warring parties into 'virtual' negotiations to deliver a ceasefire that may curb the impact of Covid-19 on the impoverished nation.

Yemen in Focus: Houthis' Riyadh attack a 'bargaining chip'

02 April, 2020

This week we focus on recent escalations between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia, a campaign to release prisoners, and more.

Could MbS' power grab unravel Al Saud rule?

02 April, 2020

Comment: The Saudi crown prince's rise to power has in effect destabilised his country, and by extension Al Saud control, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Saudi-led coalition air strikes hit rebel-held Yemen capital

01 April, 2020

The Saudi-led military coalition carried out multiple air strikes on Yemen's capital despite UN calls for a ceasefire to protect civilians from the coronavirus pandemic.

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