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Yemen in Focus: Houthi rebels impose 'discriminatory' religious tax

11 June, 2020

This week we focus on the Houthis' new 'Khums' tax, rumoured 'mercy injections' and more.

How will the EU respond to Israel's annexation plans?

11 June, 2020

The EU is a staunch defender of the two-state solution but remains divided on how to push back against Israel's annexation plans.

Yemen’s Houthis issues tax benefiting Prophet Muhammad descendants

10 June, 2020

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have caused outcry by imposing a new tax giving one-fifth of natural resources to the Bani Hashem clan, from which Houthi leaders claim descent.

Leading Bahrain rights activist Nabeel Rajab released from prison

09 June, 2020

Nabeel Rajab, who was imprisoned for a tweet he sent, has been allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence outside of prison.

Yemen's rebels crack down as Covid-19 and rumours spread

09 June, 2020

Houthi rebels have suppressed information about the novel coronavirus, severely punished those who speak out, enforced little mitigation measures and promoted conspiracies.

'Noble' Yemeni doctor treats poor patients from his car

08 June, 2020

A Yemeni doctor has been praised for treating patients from his car, in a move to provide access to the country's poorer civilians.

Riyadh continues buying up arms despite harsh austerity measures

07 June, 2020

Saudi Arabia shows no signs of halting arms purchases despite austerity measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Houthis kill mother of bride shopping for wedding dress

07 June, 2020

A soon-to-be bride shopping for a wedding dress with her mother and brother was attacked by Houthi gunmen, local reports confirmed on Thursday.

Tunisian MP attacks Saudi, UAE for meddling in elections

05 June, 2020

Tunisian parliamentarian Abdul Latif Al-Alawi slammed Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over their foreign policy.

The Gulf crisis's 'internationalisation' makes it harder to resolve

05 June, 2020

Comment: The more the GCC rift spreads, the more difficult it will be to negotiate or to change the status quo, writes Courtney Freer.

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