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Negotiating Yemeni identity as a Muwalladin of Hadramawt

07 January, 2021

Aisha al-Jaedy explores the social complexities and challenges of growing up as a Muwalladin - Yemenis who are born to foreign parents.

'Bargaining tools': Saudi speeds up trials before Biden era

07 January, 2021

With the Biden administration expected to take a firmer stance on Saudi Arabia's human rights record, the Gulf kingdom is putting on trial and sentencing numerous dissidents.

Soleimani video game set for release as Iran mourns

06 January, 2021

First-person shooter game 'General in the Shadows' is set at the 2014 siege of Amerli in Iraq.

Saudi says full ties restored between Qatar, embargo nations

05 January, 2021

Saudi Arabia concluded the GCC Summit by confirming that the embargo between Qatar has been lifted.

Trump told Pentagon to turn Gulf aircraft carrier back

05 January, 2021

The aircraft carrier was leaving the Middle East when Trump instructed a u-turn.

Iran, Israel and Turkey in a post-Arab Spring region

05 January, 2021

Analysis: Non-Arab powers have emerged as new regional centres of influence in the Middle East's changing geopolitical map.

Israel could purchase additional F-35 squadron before Trump leaves

04 January, 2021

Israel's defence minister has expressed interest in purchasing an additional F-35 squadron.

Explosions rock Saudi military headquarters in Yemen's Abyan

04 January, 2021

At least two explosions were heard near the Shakra High School building in Abyan, where the Saudi-led coalition has reportedly set up base.

US aircraft carrier to stay in Gulf: Pentagon

04 January, 2021

The US reversed a decision to bring an aircraft carrier home from the Gulf, with the Pentagon saying that due to "recent threats" by Iran the USS Nimitz would stay.

Yemen's Aden airport receives first flight since deadly attack

03 January, 2021

Yemeni Interior Minister Ibrahim Haidan said the speedy reopening of the airport underscored "the determination of the government to overcome obstacles and face the difficulties" cased by Wednesday's attack.

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