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Ireland's growing influence in the Middle East

16 September, 2020

Unburdened by the colonial legacies dogging other countries in Western Europe, Ireland has received a warm reception in the Arab world.

Yemen warring sides in 'final' talks on prisoner-swap deal

16 September, 2020

Yemen's warring sides will met in Geneva on Thursday for UN-sponsored talks on a deal to release more than 1,400 prisoners.

UAE-linked weapons company wins German government contract

16 September, 2020

A UAE-linked weapons manufacturing company has landed a lucrative German defence ministry contract.

Riyadh allowed raunchy Netflix shows for anti-Saudi episode's removal

15 September, 2020

Saudi Arabia allowed sexually explicit Netflix shows to stream domestically in exchange for the company's removal of a satire show's episode that criticised the kingdom.

'Deadly consequences' of Yemen aid obstruction, HRW warns

14 September, 2020

Interference by the government and Houthi rebels has hampered the delivery of aid in Yemen, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

Yemen protesters demand justice for worker 'killed by employers'

13 September, 2020

Abdullah al-Aghbary was killed by his employers just one week after starting his job at a mobile phone shop, reports confirmed, in a murder case that has shaken the nation.

Saudi-led coalition launches airstrikes on Yemen's capital Sanaa

12 September, 2020

The strikes come during a week of escalation between the warring sides, with the Houthis on Thursday claiming it had struck an "important target" in Riyadh.

Iran says Bahrain partner to 'crimes' of Israel

12 September, 2020

Iran said that through this "shameful" deal, Bahrain has "sacrificed the Palestinian cause at the altar of American elections".

Will UAE-Israel deal draw Tel Aviv into Yemen's war?

11 September, 2020

Divided opinion over the normalisation deal risks complicating already tense relations among Yemen's political factions.

Lil Mix singer Jade Thirlwall embraces Arab identity

10 September, 2020

Jade Thirlwall says she embraces her Arab identity and wants to become more vocal about her heritage as Lil Mix continue to rise.

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