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Will Saudi follow suit and normalise relations with Israel?

25 August, 2020

Comment: Saudi Arabia may normalise relations with Israel eventually, but it has different, more complex set of considerations to the UAE, writes Courtney Freer.

Protests erupt in Yemen's Taiz over unpaid salaries

25 August, 2020

Public sector workers, who have not received their salaries for months, gathered in a peaceful protest in Yemen's Taiz city on Monday.

Al-Qaeda blows up Yemen clinic after executing dentist

25 August, 2020

The extremist group executed and crucified the dentist, who militants accused of aiding US drone strikes.

Pompeo arrives in Sudan to push normalisation with Israel

25 August, 2020

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Sudan on Tuesday as part of a regional tour to urge Arab states to normalise ties with Israel despite widespread opposition.

4 killed as flooding hits Turkey's Black Sea coast

23 August, 2020

Flooding in Turkey has left at least 4 people dead and 11 missing, authorities said on Sunday.

Southern Yemenis protest UAE-Israel normalisation deal

22 August, 2020

In a statement, groups behind the protests denounced 'Israel's new secret friend in the south', in reference to the UAE-backed STC.

Yemen in Focus: 'No explosives found' at Aden port

21 August, 2020

This week we focus on the result of an investigation into alleged ammonium nitrate at Aden port, Yemen's viral 'water girl' and more.

US faces opposition to demand to 'snap back' sanctions

21 August, 2020

A US diplomat called on the UN to restore all sanctions against Iran.

China's changing oil strategy in the Middle East

20 August, 2020

Chinese oil purchases offered Beijing a sphere of influence in the Middle East, but Covid-19 has upended this once-promising strategy.

Could Saudi Arabia be parting ways with Pakistan?

20 August, 2020

Riyadh's passive stance on Kashmir has caused a rift with Pakistan as changing regional alliances threaten their strategic relationship.

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