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UN funding crisis cuts aid to Yemen

19 August, 2020

The United Nations funding cuts will detrimentally impact war-torn Yemen.

How the Israel-UAE alliance formalises new fault lines

19 August, 2020

Analysis: Political fault lines in the region have shifted and a dramatic adjustment is required to save the Palestinian national movement.

Yemenis rally around 9-year-old girl shot by Houthi sniper

18 August, 2020

A little girl that had been fetching water was reportedly shot by Houthi rebels and is currently in critical condition.

Saudi-led coalition destroyed 200 Yemen factories: report

17 August, 2020

A new rebel-held ministry report blamed the Saudi-led coalition for exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where air strikes have destroyed 200 factories.

Eleven Yemeni government troops killed in Houthi attacks

17 August, 2020

Eleven Yemeni government troops, including a senior officer, have been killed in missile attacks and clashes with Houthi rebels east of Sanaa.

Yemeni Al-Qaeda execute dentist for 'spying'

16 August, 2020

AQAP has executed a dentist for spying for the government and the US

Yemen's last remaining Jews 'to move to UAE'

15 August, 2020

Yemen's last remaining Jews, who have so far resisted calls to emigrate to Israel, are to move to the Abu Dhabi following the signing of a UAE-Israel peace accord.

How Jordan's crackdown on the teachers' union risks backfiring

14 August, 2020

Jordan has closed the teachers' union and arrested dozens of members to quell recent protests. But the crackdown on civic dissent could come at a cost.

Beware the US-Israel-UAE strategic agenda for the Arab region

14 August, 2020

Comment: The deal announced Thursday serves only the interests of Trump in an election year, Israel, and Arab authoritarianism in the region, writes Rami Khouri.

World reacts to 'historic' Israel-UAE deal

14 August, 2020

Here is how the world reacted to the US-brokered deal which saw Israel and the UAE agreeing to normalise relations.

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