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Former Jaysh al-Islam spokesman arrested in France

31 January, 2020

Islam Alloush - A Syrian rebel linked to the disappearance of a prominent rights activist - has been arrested and charged in France.

Razan Zaitouneh: More clues in search for Syrian lawyer

13 August, 2018

New information sheds light on the role of rebel group Jaish al-Islam in the abduction of human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh.

The sectarianization of Syria and smearing a revolution

30 October, 2016

The Syrian regime has employed violence, sectarianism and Machiavellian tactics to try and derail the revolution, defame its supporters and strengthen fringe jihadi movements, says Leila al-Shami.

Jaish al-Islam's quiet war with its Syrian jihadi neighbours

08 May, 2016

Damascus-based rebel group Jaish al-Islam are battling for control of Ghouta with jihadi rivals. Many locals believe this is a distraction and the real war is with the regime.

Jordan linked to killing of Syrian rebel commander

21 April, 2016

Jordan has been accused of having a hand in the killing of Jaish al-Islam's former leader Zahran Alloush, angering the rebel group's staunch ally Saudi Arabia according to diplomats.

Assad says he is saving Syria and insults millions

21 February, 2016

Syrians were left furious when Bashar al-Assad told Spanish media that he is the man who will save Syria and spun a series of regime lies to El Pais.

Syria enters its darkest days yet

11 February, 2016

Comment: International geopolitics are helping Bashar al-Assad tear the country apart, and it is the Syrian people who continue to suffer, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Who are the members of Syria's opposition delegation?

22 January, 2016

The New Arab profiles some of the leading members of the Syrian opposition delegation to Geneva that will eventually hold talks with Syrian regime representatives once current hurdles are cleared.

Syrian opposition pulls plug on peace talks

22 January, 2016

Citing Russian airstrikes and Syrian regime blockades of civilians, the mainstream Syrian opposition on Friday ruled out even indirect talks with Assad's representatives unless confidence-building measures are implemented.

France backs Islamist rebels in Syrian peace talks

22 January, 2016

Paris has no qualms about the participation of Islamist rebel faction Jaysh al-Islam in UN-backed negotiations between Syrian regime and opposition scheduled next week, official sources told The New Arab.

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