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Kurdish fighters, pro-Turkey rebels clash in north Syria

21 March, 2021

Violent clashes have erupted near the Kurdish-held town of Ain Issa in northern Syria between Kurdish-led and pro-Ankara fighters.

First Turkish strikes on Syria's Kurdish zone in months

21 March, 2021

Strikes hit a zone in north Syria held by Kurdish militia on Saturday night, a monitor said.

Syrian 'father of martyrs' raises orphaned grandchildren

14 March, 2021

Abderrazaq Khatoun is 83 years old and raising 11 orphaned grandchildren whose parents were lost during the conflict

Myanmar protesters rally after overnight raids on opposition figures

07 March, 2021

Despite a heavy repression, thousands of Myanmar anti-coup demonstrators rallied on Sunday, following overnight raids in Yangon.

Netanyahu blames Iran for boat attack, says 'striking' back

01 March, 2021

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran on Monday of a recent attack on an Israeli-owned ship and said Israel was "striking back" the morning after a raid on Syria

Syria slams deadly US air strike on Iran-backed militias

26 February, 2021

Syria criticised a deadly US air strike on Iran-backed militias as a bad omen from President Joe Biden's administration.

Myanmar generals under renewed pressure after G7 condemnation, sanctions

23 February, 2021

A statement from the G7 group of wealthy nations deploring violence against protesters comes after Washington slapped sanctions against another two members of Myanmar's junta.

Clashes between Iraqi forces and IS leave 7 dead

20 February, 2021

At least five jihadists and two security personnel were shot dead in the skirmishes.

Gunmen kidnap 'hundreds' of schoolboys in central Nigeria

17 February, 2021

Hundred of schoolchildren and some teachers have been kidnapped by gunmen in Nigeria, who were disguised in military uniforms.

Bereaved Gazans look to ICC for closure

14 February, 2021

Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip hope Israel will face justice at the Hague over alleged war crimes in 2014.

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