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Somalia’s opposition postpones protest over election delay

26 February, 2021

Pressure on the Somali government had been mounting after the failure to hold elections on February 8 due to a disagreement on how to carry out the vote.

UN urges Somali leaders to quickly agree on elections

10 February, 2021

The UN Security Council has urged rival Somali leaders to agree on holding elections ‘quickly’, warning that the country faced an ‘unpredictable’ situation.

60-year-old American woman converts to Islam after watching Ertugrul

06 February, 2021

Popular Turkish series 'Dirilis: Ertugrul', also known as 'Resurrection: Ertugrul', led a 60-year-old American woman to Islam.

Dismay as US considers troop pullout from Somalia

26 November, 2020

A Biden administration is considering taking troops out from Somalia.

More than 10 Somali soldiers killed in Al-Shabab ambush

15 October, 2020

At least 10 Somali soldiers have been killed in an attack by the Al-Qaeda-linked extremist group Al-Shabab near the town of Afgoye

Explainer: Who are the Al-Shabab militants terrorising northern Mozambique?

11 October, 2020

A violent rebellion in northern Mozambique has been waged by a shadowy group known locally as Al-Shabab, which a year ago pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State.

Five killed after al-Shabaab attack on Somali hotel

17 August, 2020

At least five people were killed in a gun and bomb attack by Al-Shabaab fighters on an upscale beachfront hotel in Somalia's capital, officials and witnesses said.

The geopolitics of ports in the Horn of Africa

21 July, 2020

Analysis: Ports in the Horn of Africa risk becoming new flashpoints in Middle East rivalries.

Two killed in bombing at Turkish base in Somalia

23 June, 2020

Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for an attack on Turkey's largest overseas military base in Mogadishu, which was foiled at the last minute by guards who shot the assailant

Somalia facing 'triple threat' of coronavirus, floods, and locusts

03 June, 2020

The UN has warned that Somalia's political and security gains could be reversed.

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