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In protest stronghold, Algerians divided over constitutional vote

30 October, 2020

Many Algerians are torn over whether to vote in a contentious constitutional referendum this week.

Algerians will never forget their revolutionary martyrs

30 October, 2020

Comment: This 1 November, Algerians remember their anti-colonial struggle as they stand defiant against a regime that is far from achieving the demands of today's protest movement, writes Malia Bouattia.

Algeria’s president ‘stable’ after being hospitalised in Germany

30 October, 2020

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune is in a stable condition after being sent to a German hospital for treatment for coronavirus complications, his office has said

Algeria to vote on a constitution dismissed by protests

29 October, 2020

Algerians are set to vote on a constitutional referendum the government touts as heralding a 'new republic' that has been rejected by the protest movement.

Tunisia imposes tough new Covid-19 restrictions

29 October, 2020

Tunisia is imposing a nationwide curfew in new coronavirus restrictions.

Macron's 'secular' crusade will only embolden the far-right

29 October, 2020

Comment: By holding Muslims collectively responsible for the actions of a handful of extremists, France risks emboldening another group on the fringe: far-right racists, writes Taj Ali.

Algeria president transferred to German hospital: official

28 October, 2020

Just days after reports of suspected coronavirus cases among his aides, Algeria's President Abdelmadjid Tebboune was transferred to a hospital.

At least 11 refugees dead in shipwreck off Libya

26 October, 2020

At least 11 refugees died when their boat floundered off the coast of Libya.

Algerian president isolates after aides show coronavirus symptoms

24 October, 2020

Medical staff recommended Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune self-isolate for five days.

Algerian actresses call foul on femicide

23 October, 2020

Algerian actresses have launched a campaign to see the country put an end to violence against women.

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