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Don't expect the PA to defend Sheikh Jarrah

13 May, 2021

Comment: This is not the first time that Abbas's blind quest to stay in power is costing Palestinians their sovereignty, writes Dalal Yassine.

US, UK lawmakers express support for Sheikh Jarrah Palestinians

08 May, 2021

Politicians around the world are expressing support for Palestinian families facing expulsion from their homes in East Jerusalem.

200 Palestinians hurt after Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa: medics

08 May, 2021

At least 88 people were hospitalised after Israeli forces fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas at worshippers in Jerusalem.

Moroccan Foreign Minister to speak at AIPAC event

30 April, 2021

Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita will be the first Moroccan official to speak at an event hosted by AIPAC, the US's biggest pro-Israel lobbying group.

UN Security Council to announce support for Palestinian elections

22 April, 2021

The UN Security Council will hold a session to discuss Israeli violations in Palestine and attempts to prevent voting in East Jerusalem.

How UNRWA became a battleground for Palestinian rights

20 April, 2021

In-depth: Deeply intertwined with the history of the Palestinian struggle, the UN agency has faced defunding and political delegitimisation in a bid to deprive refugees of their rights.

What's driving Turkey and Ukraine's growing alliance?

20 April, 2021

Analysis: Turkey's influence in Ukraine has steadily increased in recent years. Amid heightened tensions with Russia, the Ankara-Kyiv alliance presents a challenge to Moscow's standing in the Black Sea region.

Israel approves Covid-19 aid for Jordan but no vaccines

20 April, 2021

Israel's Covid-19 medical aid to Jordan marks an improvement in recent tense relations between the two countries.

Why Israel's lobby fears a bill that won't pass

19 April, 2021

Comment: Impressive support for the bill reflects a growing sense among Democrats that Israel should be treated like any other country, and be accountable to US law, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

Northern Cyprus sparks Turkish anger with 'Quran teaching ban'

17 April, 2021

Turkish Cypriot authorities have denied there will be a ban on Quran classes, but a court ruling on religious instruction has been condemned by ally Turkey.

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