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Results from 71 to 80 out of 758 about "annexation"

Palestine and the Democratic Party platform: A strategic regression

18 August, 2020

Despite growing support for a more progressive position on Palestine, the establishment wing has reverted to mainstream policies which ignore Palestinian rights.

Emirati apologises for being pro-Palestine following UAE normalisation deal

17 August, 2020

An Emirati blogger has been slammed for posting a video in which he apologises to Israel and seeks forgiveness from Israelis for growing up pro-Palestine, days after the UAE's announcement.

Israel scouting for UAE embassy building

17 August, 2020

Israeli authorities are reportedly searching for a suitable building to stand as the official embassy in Abu Dhabi, as reports suggest the two countries have started drafting agreements.

UAE has 'no right' to speak for Palestinians: Abbas

17 August, 2020

Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas said the UAE has no right to speak on behalf of Palestinians, just days after the Gulf country announced normalisation with Israel.

Israel's Netanyahu says West Bank annexation still on table

17 August, 2020

Israel's Netanyahu said annexation will continue despite normalisation with the United Arab Emirates.

Israel, Sudan to normalise ties 'before end of year'

17 August, 2020

Israel's intelligence minister Eli Cohen was quoted by Israeli media claiming Sudan would follow in the footsteps of the UAE in normalising ties.

Macron urges new Mideast talks after call with Abbas

17 August, 2020

French President Macron urged fresh MidEast peace talks after Israel and the UAE agreed to normalise ties in a move praised by many Western governments, but denounced by the Palestinians.

Telephone service begins between UAE and Israel's 'shameful' normalisation

16 August, 2020

Telephone services between the UAE and Israel have opened, an Emirati official confirmed.

Israel-UAE announce first trade deal after 'shameful' peace deal

16 August, 2020

The UAE and Israel have signed agreement to develop research on coronavirus in their first trade deal after normalisation.

UAE-Israeli alliance: Quid pro quo for Trump’s re-election campaign

15 August, 2020

Despite denying secret relations with Israel for decades, the UAE has now officially normalised ties but the timing benefits US President Donald Trump the most, argues Ernest Khoury

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