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It's not about free speech, it's about murder

13 January, 2015

Self-confident peoples and cultures cannot be threatened by cartoons or words, nor manipulated by tyrannical regimes.

Iran and US meet to discuss Tehran's nuclear programme

12 January, 2015

The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation has, meanwhile, accused Israel of attempting to derail a deal between the long-term foes.

Arab caliphate: once a dream, now a nightmare

09 January, 2015

In 1916, Hussein bin Ali began a futile quest to destroy the Ottomans and create an Arab caliphate. Nearly a century on and the "Islamic State" exists. It is not what anyone dreamed of.

Iran and the sick man of the Middle East

08 January, 2015

Any way you look at it, Iran's increasingly bold interventions in the Arab region cannot be regarded positively.

On the internalisation of slavery

07 January, 2015

Tyranny relies to a great extent on the belief by a portion of the population that authority is equal to domination.

No happy ending for a failed love

31 December, 2014

After the rebellion of Arab youth, there can be no return to the era of tyranny. Yet just as failed romances do not have a happy ending, we cannot expect bloodthirsty regimes to have a happy ending.

On political culture and stalled democratisation

27 December, 2014

The lack of a democratic culture amongst the Arab elites is the single most pressing question within the topic of political culture in the Arab world.

PLO UN bid: deceiving reality, not changing it

27 December, 2014

The Palestinian leadership's attempt to bring their cause to the world stage would have proven useful if it was done in a spirit of defiance rather than with the mindset of bilateral negotiations.

The rise of nations, with an Arabic twist

20 December, 2014

Benedict Anderson's classic text about the development of nationalism has just been translated into Arabic, with an introduction on the Arab world.

On the nature of the Said Akl debate

14 December, 2014

A poet is neither an angel nor a demon, for poetry and art take on many different shades of light and dark. Literary creativity must not be conflated with the personality of its creator.

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