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Crackdown against leading Palestinian-Israeli party condemned as 'political persecution'

19 September, 2016

The Palestinian-Israeli Balad party has condemned the arrests of 20 officials on fraud charges as "political persecution" against the Palestinian minority and its political movements.

Israel, normalising the abnormal (IV): Towards a systematic boycott

29 August, 2016

In the last part of his treatise on normalisation with Israel, Dr. Bishara argues for a systematic boycott of Israel that begins in Palestine and is emulated by the world.

Israel - Normalising the abnormal (III): Boycott inside Palestine

26 August, 2016

Comment: Arabs should reject normalisation, but for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the issue is more complex, writes Azmi Bishara.

Israel - Normalising the abnormal (II): Problematic questions

24 August, 2016

The boycott of Israel doesn't mean Arabs shouldn't engage in debates to tackle Zionism, argues Dr. Azmi Bishara in the second part of his series on normalisation.

Israel: Normalising the abnormal (I): Terminologies

22 August, 2016

Comment: Arab regimes are already restoring diplomatic ties with Israel, despite the rhetoric surrounding solidarity with Palestinians, writes Dr. Azmi Bishara in the first part of his treatise on

Differences over fundamental values invalidate political debate

10 August, 2016

Comment: Political debate is only possible when there is a bare minimum agreement on certain values, or else it becomes an instrument of war, argues Dr. Azmi Bishara

Us and them: Arabs and Turkey's failed coup

16 July, 2016

Arab political elites have a long way to go over their attitudes on military coups, but there is hope thanks to emerging Arab democrats, argues Dr. Azmi Bishara

The common predicament of Arab-Iranian relations

21 June, 2016

Comment: Identity is in crisis in a crucible of sectarian civil wars, proxy geopolitical power struggles and genocidal leaders, writes Dr Azmi Bishara.

The Crisis of Political Islam (V): What is left?

21 June, 2016

Comment: Islamist movements are at a cross roads, and the way forward is to agree on the principles of the democratic system and abide by them, writes Azmi Bishara.

The crisis of political Islam (IV): The violent path

19 June, 2016

Comment: The violence of the Islamic State group will force a rethinking within political Islam which uses the same scriptures albeit differently, writes Azmi Bishara.

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