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The New Arab: An unshakable commitment to journalistic freedom

17 June, 2016

The Arab Spring brought hope for the region's state-manipulated media landscape, but the counter-revolution reversed a lot of the gains, as attested to by the blocking of The New Arab.

The crisis of political Islam, (III): Reform, violence

15 June, 2016

Comment: Islamists must choose between developing into a civil and democratic political and cultural force, or conservative isolation with a violent future, writes Azmi Bishara.

The crisis of political Islam (II): Islamism and politics

12 June, 2016

Islamists disregarded democratic principles that the Arab Spring protesters had advocated for, leading to their eventual failures, writes Dr. Azmi Bishara in the second part of his treatise on

The crisis of political Islam: Problems of terminology

10 June, 2016

Comment: Political Islam is the end result of the enforced separation of religion and governance, leaving Islamist groups in crisis from their very inception, writes Dr Azmi Bishara.

On the triumph of multicultural democracy in London's elections

08 May, 2016

Comment: The election of London's first Muslim mayor is major progress for Western democracy, argues Dr. Azmi Bishara, but the Arab world is light years away from such 'democratic citizenship'

Tunisia, the Arab world's only democracy must be protected

13 February, 2016

Tunisia must be supported economically to achieve growth, or its woes will soon pose an existential threat to its nascent democracy, says Dr. Azmi Bishara

Questions on scripture, sectarianism and minority issues

03 February, 2016

Sectarianism is first and foremost a socio-political phenomenon, rooted in communities' historical experiences, rituals and reformation, says Dr Azmi Bishara.

To counter terrorism, defeat tyranny

31 January, 2016

Tyranny, not terrorism, is at the root of the violence gripping much of the Arab world, and without addressing it, the region will continue to convulse, says Dr. Azmi Bishara.

The Arab-Iranian conflict is political, not sectarian

25 January, 2016

Comment: Azmi Bishara argues that, despite all appearances, the conflicts in the Middle East are deeply political and do not subscribe to the Sunni-Shia conflict paradigm peddled by the ignorant.

On Russia's dictatorship-or-terrorism binarity in the Arab region

03 January, 2016

Dr. Azmi Bishara deconstructs Russia's discourse that reduces all conflicts and nuances in the Arab region to dictatorship versus terrorism, wherein dictators are sold as the lesser of two evils.

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