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On democracy and Palestine

28 December, 2015

The complexity of Palestine's cause, reality on the ground, and overlap with other issues require emphasis on democracy as a central value in the struggle for justice, argues Dr. Bishara

Some 'Arab liberals' are nothing of the kind

21 December, 2015

Liberalism is about defending freedoms, citizens' rights and democratic norms, but Arab so-called liberals, many of whom apologists for dictatorial regimes, are in fact illiberal, argues Dr Azmi

Putin to Trump: From Russia with love

19 December, 2015

It might have sounded odd when Russian President Putin praised xenophobic US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, but the two men have a similar worldview, says Dr Azmi Bishara.

The West: Only killing certain civilians is a crime

16 December, 2015

The West is springing into action on Syria, but only to tackle the 'threats' of refugees and terrorism, not Assad's regime, the root-cause of the tragedy, argues Dr Azmi Bishara.

How 'left wing' became a misnomer for 'right wing'

13 December, 2015

Parties and individuals that call themselves leftist but support dictatorship, genocide and inherited privileges at the expense of democracy and freedom abuse the term, argues Dr. Azmi Bishara.

Russia-Turkey Syria standoff is just symptom of wider crisis

11 December, 2015

Comment: All approaches to military intervention in Syria have failed to tackle either the regime or IS - a political solution that addresses Syrians' grievances is needed, argues Azmi Bishara.

The Palestinian national project: Notes on the future

25 November, 2015

Comment: In the second of his two-part series on the state of the Palestinian national liberation project, Azmi Bishara tackles challenges and presents his observations to help guide its future.

The Palestinian national project: History and the present crisis

19 November, 2015

Comment: In the first of a two-part series on the state of the Palestinian national project for liberation, Azmi Bishara examines the causes of the current crisis of Palestinian self-determination.

Israeli politicians attack Azmi Bishara, Arab MKs over al-Aqsa

01 October, 2015

Analysis: Israeli politicians from both the left and the right have railed against Palestinian members of the Knesset for supporting Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque in the face of repeated Israeli assaults.

On displacement, migration and the wave of Europe-bound asylum-seekers

08 September, 2015

Comment: The wave of Syrian refugees sweeping across the Middle East and Europe begins and ends in Syria, where Assad and IS are engaged in ethnic cleansing, says Azmi Bishara

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