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Azmi Bishara: Exploring secularism

12 May, 2015

Culture: Azmi Bishara's study on the development of secularism highlights the interwoven relationship between the religious establishment and the capitalist system that has developed.

Palestine should not be collateral damage of Iran deal

22 April, 2015

Comment: Nuclear agreement may require political compromise in the US. One can only hope this isn't at the expense of the Palestinians, says Daoud Kuttab.

Iran's nuclear deal 3: How will Arab states react?

18 April, 2015

Analysis: With the nuclear deal perhaps signalling a new era in relations between Iran and the West, Arab states threatened by Iran may take steps to guarantee their own security.

Iran's nuclear deal 2: A gift to Iran's moderates?

18 April, 2015

Analysis: This agreement might strengthen Iranian moderates and weaken the hardliners who have driven an aggressive Iranian foreign policy.

Iran's nuclear deal 1: Arabs mustn't become collateral damage

18 April, 2015

Analysis: The deal will mean Iran is a year away from developing nuclear weapons for as long as it lasts and offer relief from punishing sanctions.

Israelis don't vote for the sake of the Arabs

27 March, 2015

Comment: Those who have bet on Israeli elections are the same people who have stopped betting on resistance, says Azmi Bishara.

Yemen: Peace deal now or full civil war

18 March, 2015

Like Libya, Yemen stands at the crossroads between war and peace. But which path will its warring leaders choose?

Libya: Peace deal now or full-scale civil war

17 March, 2015

Comment: Libya stands at a crossroads of destiny, and must choose whether to accept compromise and consensus, or let brutal violence tear the nation apart.

Palestinians, terrorism... and Facebook

10 March, 2015

Comment: The enforcement of Israel's dominant narrative by social media networks is not surprising when even fellow Arabs turn against Palestinians.

The Sisi leaks: A lesson for the revolution

09 March, 2015

Comment: The recent leaks from the Egyptian president's office gives an insight into the country's authoritarianism and the relative weakness of the revolution.

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