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The IS cutthroats and the cotton candy professor

02 March, 2015

Comment: Islamic State commentary is everywhere. But one particular Atlantic article has made waves, particularly in the US. Hamid Dabashi dissects it here and asks what inanity sparked this search for an IS theology.

Between destroying statues and destroying idols

01 March, 2015

Comment: The smashing of ancient statues in Mosul by the Islamic State group is not a question of religion, but of an identity linked with those who came before us, says Azmi Bishara.

The victim's discourse and its political effect

28 February, 2015

Comment: Following a legal battle that reinstated her right to stand for the Knesset, Haneen al-Zoabi explains misconceptions about the identity, message, and struggle of Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The lesson of the Houthis' success

27 February, 2015

Comment: Nations must fight sectarianism at home, building national unity based on citizenship, if they are to avoid Yemen's fate.

The slaughter of innocents and the moral burden

24 February, 2015

Comment: The murder of Egyptian Copts in Libya is a heinous crime that cannot be justified by pointing to the crimes of Egypt's rulers.

Hanin Zoabi victory asserts Palestinian right to political participation

20 February, 2015

Analysis: Israeli politicians wanted to ban Palestinian MP from election for her views. But the supreme court ruled against them, showing a gap between Israeli political views and the law.

Yemen and the manufacture of sectarianism

26 January, 2015

Comment: The country's disparate forces must commit to a political vision that incorporates nationalism with citizenship, or Yemen will remain divided.

Israel waits for Iran to strike back

20 January, 2015

Israel is bracing itself for a counter-attack after its airstrike on Sunday killed Hizballah and Iranian commanders.

Conspiracy theories: Critique and mythology

20 January, 2015

Critiquing conspiracy theories does not negate the existence of conspiracies.

Policy shaped by power in world burdened by grief

15 January, 2015

Sadness and pain from Peshawar to Paris should not blind us to the clichéd responses of those in power. More airstrikes in Syria and Iraq will not help France with its social disintegration. Hypocrisy diverts and only breeds war.

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