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The erasure of Yarmouk refugee camp

14 August, 2020

Bombed, starved and besieged, Palestinian residents of Yarmouk refugee camp now face being permanently displaced as the Assad regime expropriates their homes.

Afghan authorities begin release of 'dangerous' Taliban prisoners

14 August, 2020

Afghan authorities announced they began to release 400 Taliban prisoners as part of the long-delayed peace talks between both sides.

Yemen in Focus: Ceasefire can save at-risk heritage sites

13 August, 2020

This week we focus on the risks of damage to Yemen's historical heritage sites after weeks of torrential rain.

Pandemic threatens peace and risks new conflicts: UN

13 August, 2020

While the coronavirus has led warring parties to take steps to de-escalate, many have failed to cease hostilities or agree to a permanent ceasefire, Guterres said.

Afghan peace talks near after Taliban prisoner release approved

09 August, 2020

Kabul's peace council announced peace talks between the government and the Taliban could soon restart, after some 400 militant prisoners were released this week.

US calls for political solution in Libya, targets smugglers

06 August, 2020

Washington has called for a UN-backed ceasefire and the withdrawal of foreign military personnel from Libya.

Afghan forces, Taliban clash after ceasefire end

06 August, 2020

Two clashes broke out Wednesday in the eastern province of Ghazni.

12 pro-regime fighters killed in Syria clashes: monitor

03 August, 2020

Another 17 pro-regime fighters were wounded while on the jihadist-led side six fighters died in clashes on Monday.

20 dead in Afghan prison raid claimed by IS

03 August, 2020

Fighting was raging one day after gunmen stormed the prison in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

Three killed as armed men storm Afghan prison

02 August, 2020

Armed men stormed a prison in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least three people and shattering the relative calm of a ceasefire across the country, an official said.

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