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Israel, US hold talks ahead of Iran nuclear negotiations

14 April, 2021

Israel and the US met virtually for strategic talks, where differences have emerged over a possible new nuclear deal with Iran.

Germany demands Syria be held accountable over chemical weapons

12 April, 2021

Germany's Foreign Minister demanded Syria's government be held accountable after an investigation from a global watchdog said the regime used the chemical weapon chlorine in a 2018 attack.

Assad regime used chemical weapons in 2018 attack: OPCW

12 April, 2021

Bashar Al-Assad's air force used chemical weapons in a 2018 attack on Saraqib, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said.

Protesters commemorate anniversary of Syrian regime Douma chemical massacre

08 April, 2021

Protesters in Idlib gathered to remember the victims of the 2018 chemical weapons attack on Douma that killed 39, and to demand accountability.

Russia and West spar over Syria chemical weapons vote

07 April, 2021

A disagreement has erupted over a vote to strip Syria of its voting rights in the international chemical weapons watchdog.

What's next for Syria under the Biden administration?

25 March, 2021

Analysis: Washington is still weighing up its approach to Syria, but the power balance that Russia, Turkey and Iran have built will not be easy to change.

Artist Piers Secunda uses 9/11 detritus for peace-affirming art

25 March, 2021

British artist and sculptor Piers Secunda has been making drawings using rust ink, paying particular attention to surroundings nearby Osama bin Laden’s compound in the vicinity of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Pakistan pair sentenced to death over motorway gang rape

20 March, 2021

An outpouring of anger was further fuelled by a police chief who chided the victim for driving at night without a male companion.

Lebanese-Americans charged with assault following pro-Trump Capital riot

17 March, 2021

Lebanese-Americans Julian Elie Khater and George Pierre Tanios were charged with assaulting police officers during the Capitol riots.

Activists file Syria torture case against Russian mercenaries

16 March, 2021

Three groups from Russia, France and Syria announced a landmark legal case in Moscow against Russian mercenary group Wagner over the torture of a detainee in Syria

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