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Erdogan defends minister after spat with Greece

16 April, 2021

The oddly undiplomatic press event became the dominant talking point on Turkish news shows.

How Russia's soft power strategy seeks to reshape Syria

15 April, 2021

Analysis: Moscow's role in Syria is often referenced through its military intervention, but the Kremlin is also using soft power tactics to shape a future elite and establish lasting influence.

Libya's neglected Old City of Tripoli having 'soul revived'

15 April, 2021

Traders in the Libyan capital's Old City began to leave when Muammar Gaddafi banned private sector-led development in the 1970s.

Pope celebrates mass of 'mercy' with prisoners, refugees

11 April, 2021

Pope Francis celebrated a mass with prisoners, refugees from Syria, Nigeria and Egypt, and nursing staff from a nearby hospital.

Lebanon civil war survivors say today's crisis even worse

11 April, 2021

Lebanon's worst economic crisis has brought survivors of the civil war (1975-1990) to express their urgent concerns at the dire situation.

The world watches Lebanon on brink of collapse

07 April, 2021

Comment: Emile Nakhleh examines how corruption has brought Lebanese society to the brink, and why the international community and its institutions must hastily re-imagine innovative ways for it to survive.

Lessons in intolerance

06 April, 2021

Comment: Those protesting images of the prophet being shown in a class on blasphemy display the kind of intolerance our schools are working to overcome, writes Khaled Diab.

Millions mark Easter under coronavirus curbs

04 April, 2021

Easter celebrations are, once more, impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as most countries in the world imposed restrictions.

Christians mark Good Friday as some holy sites reopen

02 April, 2021

Limited numbers of worshippers are able to celebrate Good Friday this year.

Iraqi PM forms supreme committee to resurrect Mosul

31 March, 2021

Mosul was destroyed by IS. Now, almost four years after the city's re-capture by Iraqi government forces the city remains derelict.

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