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Arab Spring exiles look back on Egypt uprising

25 January, 2021

A decade after the January 25 uprising, thousands of protesters are estimated to have fled to escape the President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi government, which is now considered even more oppressive.

Israel opens embassy in UAE: foreign ministry

24 January, 2021

Israel opened an embassy in the United Arab Emirates Sunday, its foreign ministry said.

Egypt begins coronavirus immunisation campaign

24 January, 2021

A doctor and nurse became the first in Egypt to receive the Chinese-made Sinopharm jab on Sunday

Libya oil output makes high-stake but fragile return

24 January, 2021

Libya has increased its oil production tenfold, but this is still below the levels of the Gaddafi era, experts say.

Libya camps agree to open candidacy process for posts

23 January, 2021

The process aims to quickly fill several strategic posts in order to facilitate collaboration with an interim executive body set to be elected next week in Geneva.

Egypt to start Covid-19 vaccination campaign: Sisi

23 January, 2021

Egypt registered over 160,000 novel coronavirus infections, including more than 8,850 deaths. Health officials warned that low testing rates mean the real number could be at least 10 times higher.

Qatar denies 'pledge' to change Al Jazeera's Egypt policy

23 January, 2021

A claim by Egyptian officials that suggested Qatar had agreed to change its Al Jazeera policy towards Cairo has been rejected as false by Doha.

Foreign forces ignore Libya exit deadline under fragile truce

23 January, 2021

There are around 20,000 troops and mercenaries from countries including Turkey and Russia, according to the UN.

Egypt buries a decade of hope and tyranny

23 January, 2021

Comment: Sisi has all but extinguished Egyptian dissent. Whether a new US president can force him into reforms he doesn't want to make remains to be seen, writes Sam Hamad.

New round of Libya talks kicks off in Morocco

22 January, 2021

Rival Libya groups came together in Morocco for peace talks.

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