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Results from 21 to 30 out of 232 about "fateh al-sham"

#Jan25: New campaign remembers Egypt's 'fallen heroes'

02 February, 2019

'Killed in Egypt' aims to document the fallen heroes of the revolution and all the victims of the extrajudicial killings going on since 2011.

Journalists in Kashmir face tough challenges

08 January, 2019

Twenty-one journalists have so far been killed in Kashmir, either directly targeted or caught in the crossfire while reporting, as dozens more face hardships in their daily jobs.

Could the Russia-Turkey deal avert disaster in Idlib?

18 September, 2018

Analysis: The deal has bought more time for international diplomacy, but Syrians remain wary - and who could blame them?

Iran, Turkey up-the-ante with targeted attacks on Kurdish adversaries

10 September, 2018

Analysis: Stepping up assassinations on foreign soil may spark unprecedented violent reactions, writes Paul Iddon.

Defiant Sudanese activist faces mounting legal woes

24 August, 2018

Wini Omer, a 30-year-old activist, is determined to keep campaigning for women's rights in Sudan, despite mounting legal woes she says are aimed at silencing her.

The Iraq Report: Election drama continues

29 June, 2018

Our weekly round-up of the latest from Iraq

World Cup LIVEBLOG: Spain v Morocco

25 June, 2018

Don't miss a moment in Russia2018 as Spain and Morocco battle it out in Group B. Keep refreshing this page for updates.

World Cup LIVEBLOG: Russia v Egypt

19 June, 2018

Don't miss a moment as Egypt vie to break Arab teams' losing streak at Russia2018. Refresh this page to get up-to-the-minute updates

The Iraq Report: Sadr and Iran kiss-and-make-up

19 June, 2018

Our weekly spotlight on events in Iraq takes in the aftermath of the election

The great guide to Middle East World Cup teams

11 June, 2018

Five Middle East and North African national teams will play in Russia 2018, the most Middle Eastern World Cup ever.

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