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Lebanon on verge of another garbage crisis, warns HRW

24 September, 2020

Last month's explosion generated huge amounts of debris while causing serious damage to the Lebanon's waste management infrastructure

Lebanese-British journalist snubs Saudi G20 invitation citing women's rights

11 September, 2020

While many have lauded Zahra Hankir for her boycott, her post sparked substantial backlash.

Lebanon introduces new labour rights for domestic workers

09 September, 2020

Lebanon has made important labour law changes but human rights say that more must be done.

Renewed Lebanon protests as ministers quit

10 August, 2020

Two members of Lebanon's government have quit over a deadly blast that unleashed public rage against the country's ruling class.

Furious Lebanese vow new protests over deadly mega-blast

09 August, 2020

While the exact circumstances that led to the blast are not yet known, protesters say it could not have happened without corruption and incompetence from the ruling class.

Lebanese mobilise to clean up Beirut after deadly blast

06 August, 2020

Beirut residents are taking matters into their own hands by cleaning up the mess caused by a blast that has been compared to Hiroshima.

Lebanon: Ambitions of a nation taken hostage

03 August, 2020

Comment: Lebanon has reached a tipping point which, if history is anything to go by, can lead to irreversible damage, writes Carmen Geha.

'Pivoting East': Will China come to Lebanon’s rescue?

03 July, 2020

Running quickly out of options as talks over an IMF bailout stall, Lebanon's Hezbollah-backed government says it wants to pivot to China, but analysts say that route is a mirage

'End neo-slavery': Lebanon maid abandonment sparks outrage

24 June, 2020

Both the Black Lives Matter movement and Lebanon's economic crisis have given the push to end the 'abusive and racist' kafala system a new sense of urgency.

Dozens injured in renewed Lebanon crackdown on protesters

13 June, 2020

Fighting has broken out between protesters and security forces in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, following an emergency government meeting regarding Lebanon’s economic crisis.

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